The Real Housewives of Dallas AND Potomac Are On the Way


Well I was just getting settled into this new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and before I could even get into the second episode, I’m hearing news of more housewives in TWO different parts of the country!

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KarmaJonez Exclusive: Karma Talks to Bravo’s Amber Bryant About Her New Show “Mother Funders”


For years, Bravo has been dishing out the drama with a few of the most successful reality series on television. From Real Housewives of Atlanta, to Married to Medicine, a lot of the network’s hit shows have been filmed right here in Atlanta, GA. Now, with Bravo’s newest addition to the roster, you’ll never be able to look at PTO moms the same again. Mother Funders, a show about the ups and downs of being a dedicated wife, mother, and full time PTO member, is taking reality TV to a new level. This group of feisty women want nothing more than to raise money for their children’s school, but as expected, they run into a few roadblocks along the way. I got a chance to sit down with one of the cast members, Mrs. Amber Bryant, and she had plenty to say about the cutthroat world of the PTO. Click below for details!

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NeNe Breaks Down at The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion



We all know that the Housewives know how to bring the drama, but I must say, I wasn’t expecting everything that went down last night! Quite unexpectedly, Ms. NeNe Leakes, the self proclaimed Queen Bee of the show, had a nervous breakdown onstage. Honestly, it was really painful to watch.

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RHOA Season 7 Reunion Trailer Is a MESS

Y’all. This season of RHOA has had me stuck to the TV like the glue on NeNe’s head. (Claudia’s words not mine) I actually like NeNe. From Porsha dressing like she’s at the club on every occasion, to Nene’s new wigs, to Phaedra’s messy divorce, and Kandi’s relationship therapy, this season has been a real winner. So I guess it’s no surprise that the reunion is going to be non-stop entertainment and of course, non-stop drama.

Hosted by my favorite gay man in the world, Andy Cohen, this reunion promises to get down to the nitty gritty. Judging from this clip, it looks like the reunion proves to be too much for Linnethia Leakes. Homegirl has a nervous breakdown at the end! Check out this clip!