When I Drop My Rap Album, Comey’s Photo Will Be on the Cover


“Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Comey says, as he lights a cigarette in a dark room, wishin’ a muthafucka would. “‘Trump?” Haven’t heard that name in years,'” he scoffs as he puts the cigarette out on a wooden desk. He pops his collar, and flicks away a piece of lint ┬áresting on his blazer. The clock strikes seven. (The aforementioned events have not been confirmed, and were in fact completely made up by KarmaJonez. The rest is real doe.)

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Today As We Remember 9/11, Let’s Remember the Muslims We Terrorized In this Country & Abroad

american flag


Today, your timeline is sure to be flooded with statuses and posts encouraging you and the rest of the world to remember 9/11. American flags will wave in the background. We will salute those who helped save lives on that tragic day in September, 14 years ago, today. You are sure to see people imploring us to “never forget” what “they” did to us. How they broke us. How they terrorized us. We’ll be asked to mourn the loss of thousands of Americans who could have never dreamed that their lives would end the way it did. We’ll even be asked to be angry. And we will be. We’ll lash out. We will mourn. That’s human nature. But what we won’t do is shed one single tear for the hundreds of thousands of Muslims we’ve terrorized right here on American soil. As a matter of fact, I don’t think we EVER acknowledge the role WE played in the aftermath of 9/11. Are Muslims not Americans, too?

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Wal-Mart Says Bye-Bye to Confederate Flag Merchandise


Wal-Mart is finally taking steps to remove all Confederate flag merchandise from its stores after a racially motivated mass murder in Charleston, South Carolina last week. Retailers Sears and Kmart are now following in their footsteps.

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