The LaLa Land Producers Weren’t “Gracious” to the Cast of Moonlight, They Simply Did Not Win


The 89th annual Academy Awards show aired last night, setting social media and news outlets ablaze. Like always, the fashion was amazing (depending on who you ask), the celebs were slightly annoying, and the online commentary was side splitting. (Thank you, #BlackTwitter) And while these things were to be expected, there were a few firsts last night that stole the show-and our hearts.

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The Phone Call I Hope Happened After Chris Rock’s Horrible Oscar Performance


I wasn’t going to watch at first. I had made up in my mind that the Academy didn’t deserve my viewership. Really, it didn’t deserve ANY of our viewership…people of color, that is. After all, it was the 88th Academy Awards, and we were still having a conversation about the lack of diversity. We were tired. But ironically, the Academy asked Chris Rock, a legendary comedian, known for making crude jokes and pushing the envelope as far as it could possibly go to host this year’s ceremony. And while I had pledged not to tune in on Sunday, I just had to see it for myself. I wanted to see Chris tear the Academy a new one, LIVE and in color.

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The Acceptance Speech Spike Lee Should Give When He Receives His Honorary Oscar


If you don’t know who Spike Lee is, you probably don’t know much.

Ok. That was harsh. But I’m serious. He’s legendary. Spike Lee is responsible for some of the most important films in the last two decades. If you didn’t know, now ya know. But although Spike is larger than life to many people, he still has not been acknowledged by the Academy for his many contributions. Until now. Apparently, the Academy wants to present Spike with an “Honorary Oscar” this November. And that’s great and all, but the truth is, I have a real problem with how this thing is being played out.

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