Black Students Share Their Experiences at PWIs With #BlackOnCampus Hashtag


The recent events at Mizzou have led to nationwide protests, outrage, fear, and of course, the reopening of a 400+ year old wound. While we love to pride ourselves on living in a “post-racial” society, the only thing “post” about racism in America is…well, nothing. The racist incidents that have taken place over the years on Mizzou’s campus have been repeatedly ignored by the school’s administration, and now things have reached their boiling point. As a result, conversations have been sparked about racism, injustice, and the power of athletes-both college and professional, but social media users have also used this as an opportunity to center the ongoing debate about PWIs vs. HBCUs.

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Taraji P Henson Covers Allure Magazine and Is Giving These Teenie Boppers a Run for Their Money


I mean, we’ve always known Taraji P. Henson was sexy. When she was introduced to us in the classic film Baby Boy as the no nonsense, dangerously in love “Yvette”, we all knew she had that “it” factor. But it seems like recently, with her newest role as Empire’s “Cookie”, she’s been getting a lot more attention, and people are starting to recognize exactly just how FINE she really is.

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KarmaJonez Exclusive: Bevy Smith Talks Diversity In Fashion & Harlem’s Fashion Row at Clark Atlanta University


Bevy Smith, best known to the younger generation as the no holds barred, feisty co-host of Bravo’s “Fashion Queens”, made her way to Clark Atlanta University today to talk about Harlem’s Fashion Row and the what it means to have diversity in the fashion world. This initiative, sponsored by McDonald’s as a part of their 365 Black campaign, seeks to encourage young people of color to dive into the fashion industry head first.

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