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KarmaJonezKnows is a witty, funny, controversial, and sometimes uncomfy blogsite. Karma believes in asking the hard questions, and she demands answers! You should consider everything you read here a FACT…Why? Because KarmaJonezKnows, and she’s writing it all down! Take notes. Class is in session.

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3 thoughts on “About This Awesome Site

  1. Karma, I just read your narrative blog on “Where Can I Be Black?” I am in tears. I hope my comment does not insult you, but my own question is, “Where Can I Be Lesbian with my Wife?” I know that skin color(i.e., race) and sexual orientation are entirely two different things. However, I can feel your pain, anguish, and rage. I can tell you one place where you can be Black; that place is my home.

  2. Rebecca,

    Thanks for reading. I appreciate your comment. I am not insulted at all. I know that it is hard being a part of the LGBTQ community, even in America. So much intolerance. I’m aware of the violence, and unfair treatment members of the LGBTQ community have to face, and I am sorry. So in that way, we are definitely in the same boat. We all share different experiences, but sometimes these experiences intersect. We are all human. The humanity in me recognizes the humanity in you, and that is something many people can’t bring themselves to do.

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