Why I Hate This Starbuck’s Coffee Cup Ordeal & Why Some Christians Make It Hard For Sane People to Like You


Ok. I’ve had it. Enough with the Red Cup debate. Is this really how you people choose to spend your precious time on God’s green Earth? I mean…don’t we have a kajillion other things to do besides harass Starbuck’s over their pleasant little red cups? Apparently not. So let me take a few minutes out of my schedule to talk about how much I hate this.

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The Balmain x H&M Collection Has Been Released and Stores Are Mad Houses Nationwide


Oh my God! Do you guys remember when I told you about the BalmainxH&M collab? Yea, it’s pretty exciting news, right? Well, the collection has finally been released, and things have gotten WAY out of control in H&M stores all over the country. I simply need H&M to do BETTER.

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Like Your Coffee Black? Probably a PsychoPath.


I don’t even drink coffee, so I guess people will have to perform another test to find out if I’m a psychopath or not, but for those of you who swear by Starbuck’s (y’all may not be pyschopaths, but definitely annoying), according to a new study, it will be fairly easy to tell if you’re a certified nut job.

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Man Who Posed as Uber Driver, & Raped Passenger Has Been Sentenced


Seriously. Uber is beyond creepy. Taxis are too, to be honest. You’re literally getting in the car with a stranger. The number one thing your mama told you NOT to do as a kid. And let’s be honest, Uber doesn’t have a great record when it comes to its drivers. But unfortunately, it’s not just people who work for Uber that are scary, it’s the people who are POSING as Uber drivers as well! Take Alejandro Done, for instance.

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