Remove Money From the ATM With Your Eyes-Yep, You Read That Right!


Well these people are really getting good with this whole technology thing, aren’t they? Now, if you bank with CitiBank, you can withdraw money from your account by just scanning your eyes at the ATM. Diebold, a biometric technology company, has teamed up with CitiBank to introduce their new eye-scanning ATMs, and apparently it’s really easy and convenient! The machine is called “Irving” and is actually nicknamed “the headless ATM”, paying subtle homage to Washington Irving, the author of Sleepy Hollow.

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New Emojis Coming At Ya Next Year! Here’s a Sneak Peak.

Young girl texting at the beach

We all love emojis. They make text conversations so much more fun. Like, I seriously don’t know where I’d be without the side eye emoji. How would I express how I feel about most things on any given day? But just when I thought I had all the emojis I needed in life…more are on the way!

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How The Internet Has Made Us Shi*ttier People


I like the internet. Nothing keeps me entertained like the interwebs on any given day. From hot topics, to celebrity gossip, and just downright foolery, you are guaranteed to get whatever it is that you’re looking for on the internet daily. But one thing I’ve noticed about social media is that it can get reeeallly superficial. And essentially, I’d be willing to bet that it’s kinda ruining our psyche.

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OneTechGirl Proves That Women CAN Do Tech Too


It tends to be a “Man’s World” when it comes to technology. But recently, women all over the world have been making an effort to change that. Meet Juanika Freeman of OneTechGirl. With a successful business, and an impressive social media following, she’s changing the game in a major way. Check out our interview!

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Want to Take Your Email Back? Now You Can


(Denis Closon/Rex Features)

If you’re like me, you’ve sent an email or two (or a hundred) that you wish you’d never sent. You’ve agonized. You’ve been embarrassed. You’ve asked yourself repeatedly if you spelled “rhythm” right? (Just me?) Maybe you’ve even hit “send” before you actually finished what it was that you wanted to say. Well there’s finally a solution.

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