Sour Lemons-How Black Girls Sweeten Our #Lemonade


When’s the first time you had lemonade? Not the artificial kind-but fresh squeezed, down home, hand-crafted, made with love lemonade? Wasn’t it refreshing? Wasn’t it like nothing you’ve ever tasted before? Didn’t you wonder how that person had managed to add just the right amount of sugar, the perfect amount of lemon juice? Didn’t it make you happy? And isn’t it strange how something so sweet and invigorating could be the product of something so pungent and bitter? Isn’t it crazy how things come together so beautifully when we let them?

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Erykah Badu Tried to Convince Us Girls Should Wear Longer Skirts to Prevent Harassment and the Internet Said “Nah”


It hurts me to have to write this. For a second there, I thought about just shutting off my computer, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write an article calling Erykah Badu out on her sh*t. Some of you may remember just last week, I wrote a piece praising Badu for dropping gems back in the day. But, oh, what a difference a tweet makes.

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People Who Are Suffering From Mental Illness Don’t Need Your Prayers, They Need Your Help


About twenty-four and a half Kanye Twitter rants later, and things just aren’t as funny anymore. We all had a good laugh at Kanye’s expense, but now, laughing doesn’t quite seem like the right thing to do. It’s become uncomfortable. It’s like when someone tells a salacious joke in a room full of people you don’t really know…you look around, taking cues from everybody else. It’s awkward, it makes you feel uneasy, the air is thick. Yea, that’s how this thing with Kanye is now. It’s become a really, really bad joke.

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Ava Duvernay, Ryan Coogler, Janelle Monae & Others Opt to Visit Flint Over Attending the Oscars


Since the Oscar nominations were announced back in January, the Oscars So White controversy has really taken off. Covered by the La Times, CNN, Fox News, The Hollywood Reporter, etc., the lack of diversity in Hollywood has been an ongoing point of contention. And now, Black actors, producers, singers and filmmakers are taking their talents elsewhere on Oscar night-Flint, Michigan.

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Kendrick Lamar & the Most Lit Black History Month I’ve Ever Lived Through


Leading up to Black History Month, Black folk started to get a little restless. We knew our month was just there on the horizon, and our ancestors were starting to call on us to bring our Blackness to the forefront. It didn’t take us long to straighten up, and fly right, of course. At the Golden Globes just last month, Denzel Washington received the Cecille B. DeMille Award for his outstanding contributions to Hollywood, accepting his award in the Blackest, most down home way possible. Then there was Jamie Foxx, who chastised director Quentin Taratino for his use of the word “ghetto” in his acceptance speech.

Only a few days later, our dear President-Barack Hussein Obama, who delivered my favorite State of the Union address to date, kindly reminded everyone from sea to shining sea to, Ask Osama bin Laden about me.” 

Oh yea, we were just getting warmed up. It wasn’t even February 1st, yet.

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For Colored Girls Who Considered Hot Sauce When Seasoning Just Wasn’t Enough: Beyonce’s Formation & the Tragic Response


“It makes me proud. That’s what I wanted. I wanted people to feel proud-to have love for themselves”, Beyonce said with a smile, surrounded by bodyguards as she prepared for her halftime performance.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, the biggest star on the planet wanted people to have love for themselves, to be proud of who they were. When you really think about it, it’s one of the noblest things an artist can do-encourage self-love. While this wouldn’t be a problem if Bey’s target audience were white teenage girls battling self-esteem issues, the “people” Beyonce wrote about in her songs were Black, and they were women. For some factions of white America, THAT posed a problem.

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Kanye vs. Amber & the NeverEnding Objectification/Slut Shaming of Women


It’s been 6 years since Amber Rose and Kanye West have been romantically involved, but it’s crystal clear that Kanye is still traumatized by the breakup. I mean, he hasn’t smiled since-and I guess making all of that sad (but FIRE) music just didn’t get rid of the heartache. As we’ve all witnessed countless times before, Kanye just isn’t equipped to deal with his emotions in a civilized way. So, as expected, he did what a lot of men do when their egos are on the line–reduce women to their sexuality.

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Stacey Dash Says We Don’t Need Black History Month & the Oscars Isn’t Too White-10 Staceys and Dashes Better Than Her

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 30: Actress Stacey Dash attends the premiere of Lionsgate Films' "America" at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on June 30, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Black History month is around the corner, and somebody left the gate open. Somehow, Stacey Dash has gotten her gag order lifted, and she’s back on television to troll us. In her latest rant, Dash insisted that Black history month was unnecessary and that Black people are being racist when we have things like the BET Awards. After I rolled my eyes as far back in my head as they would go, I re-adjusted them and watched her make a complete ass of herself on “Fox and Friends.” Check it out below.

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The Bill Cosby Indictment Helped Me Discover Just How Rapey My Facebook Friends Are…(Twitter & Instagram Too)


I think it’s fair to say that we were all pretty shocked this year when over 40 women came forward with rape allegations against one of America’s most beloved comedians, and friend in our head-Bill Cosby. Before the allegations, most of us viewed Cosby as a father-like figure, an uncle, a pal…a play cousin. I mean after all, he was a funny guy who wore every ugly sweater our dads wished we’d never bought them, and all he ever wanted to do was eat a nice, tasty submarine sandwich on the comfort of his own couch. He made funny faces, did commercials for Jell-O pudding, and was so nice to all of his kids on The Cosby Show…I mean, REALLY, you’d have to be a monster not to like the guy.

But now, 30 years since the launch of The Cosby Show, and in the wake of some very serious allegations, we’re being forced to distance ourselves from the character we know and love,  Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, and take a really hard look at the man behind it all-Dr. William H. Cosby.

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Iggy Azalea. Her Blaccent. And the Impending Fall of Her Career.


When someone mentions Iggy Azalea’s name, you’re likely to get one of two reactions-sheer annoyance, or utter excitement. While I don’t personally know anyone whose face lights up at the mention of the rapper’s name, (I’m not friends with any tween girls), I’m sure there is SOMEONE out there who really enjoys Iggy’s music. And while it’s true that Iggy Azalea has become a mega popstar over the last year, it’s also become painfully obvious that most Black people think she’s a joke…everybody except T.I. apparently. Because I think Iggy has gotten enough honest feedback about how bad of an artist she is, I try not to make a habit of taking unnecessary digs at the rapper, but today, after reading an article from the Washington Post entitled “How Iggy Azalea Mastered Her ‘blaccent’”, if I don’t talk about the huge elephant in the room, I might implode.

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