Ungrateful or Understanding: The Engagement Ring Debate


Engagement rings can be a touchy subject. Nobody really has any idea what the perfect engagement ring looks like, but what we DO know is that we hope nobody talks sh*t about it. Unfortunately, this week, things took a turn for the worst when a young lady tweeted a picture of her engagement ring to her followers.

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Dating in the ATL: The 7 Kinds of Men You’ll Encounter & How to Deal


Two years ago, I moved to Atlanta, GA. I can without a doubt say that it’s the best career move I’ve ever made. But I’ve come to realize that if I ever want to get married and have children, I may have to throw the towel in and pack my bags soon.

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“To My Beautiful Alpha Females”


The Alpha Female and the Men Who (think they) Love Her

There’s something about a free-spirited, passionate woman.  One who has the perfect balance of femininity and gangsta. You know, the one who has that je ne sais quoi and the ability to leave you at a loss cause you just can’t figure her out.



yesgirlMen are captivated by the “non-easy girl” but they have no idea of how to get her.  I offer a simple analogy of sorts to explain how this happens:

Trip #1: Imagine wanting a designer item that you can’t afford so instead of strategizing to get it at it’s current price tag and honoring it’s top self worth, you keep visiting the store seeing if it’s been discounted, saying “oh just browsing” when the sales associate asks if you need something, then mull around the store to see if there’s something closely resembles the item you really want at a cheaper price.

Trip #2:  You come back to the store and the item still isn’t on sale so you start to critique the item as a means to trick your sweet little cheap heart out of wanting it.  “It’s not worth it”, “It’ll be out of style soon”, “I can find this cheaper”.

Trip #3:  Is to a completely different store.  You wanted Gucci but you’re at Zara, in line…you gave up and settled.  You’re happy, you saved $400, you’re satisfied…but are you really?  Nope, you’ll eventually start window shopping at Gucci again or finally save up and walk out with the coveted brown and gold bag.


This is true of consumer science and relationships;  this is also what men do to Alpha, no bullshit taking, non-easy women all the time.  They like the idea of us but not the work it takes to get and maintain us so they settle and find themselves poking around time after time to see if we’ve lowered our standards, become less demanding, shifted our needs to align with their capabilities or maybe just got desperate enough to settle right along with their asses.


What’s odd is that these women generally represent all the things that men claim they desire in “the perfect woman”.  Independent, thrilling and soul stirring.  Yet, we’re told we’re difficult, too much work and a slew of other little catch phases to get us to lower our price tag.

I stan for Sex and the City, still and this is exactly what happened with Carrie and Big.  Carrie is the difficult girl and Big settled for easy with Natasha…but he came back, they always do 😉

To the Alpha woman: wait for your match, the man (or woman) who sees your sprit and raises your evolution.

To the man in this scenario: leave her alone or put in the work.




In a Netflix & Chill Generation, How Early Is TOO Early for Sex?


Wanna come over?” You’re lying in bed, or maybe cleaning up around the house. You could be sitting at your desk at work, trying to make that deadline that’s been hanging over your head for the last week, or you could be grocery shopping, trying to figure out how to make low fat homemade pizza…you know, you’re doing girl stuff. But you stop, read the text, and all of a sudden, your mind races. You quickly run down a list of responses in your head. How should you respond? What should you say? Hell yea, you wanna come over…but deep down, you’re kinda anxious. Before you respond, you know this is going to require the intelligence of your oh so opinionated group of friends, so like any girl with a problem that needs solving, you toss your troubles into the groupchat. They can handle this…right?

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“Send Me a Pic”-Hell No! Here’s Why.


Ladies, we’ve heard it time and time again when we meet a new man. You’ve been talking on the phone, and most likely texting throughout the day and night. Things are going really well. This could potentially be the one. YES! Finally! And then it happens. That dreaded text message comes through…”Send me a pic.” You throw the phone. FUUUCCCCKK.

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The Halle Berry Affect


Halle Berry is one of this country’s national treasures. She’s gorgeous. She’s been on like a million “Most Beautiful People” lists. She’s every man’s dream girl. Her body is smoking…her face is flawless and her skin is super glowy. She’s everything. But that hasn’t stopped her relationships from failing.

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Cuffing Season Is Approaching- 11 Things Single Women Aren’t Looking Forward to In the Coming Months


So it’s already mid-October and the season draft has begun. No, I’m not talking sports…even though dating has become somewhat of a sport these days. I’m talking “Bae” draft season. Summer’s over, and as we relunctantly put away our floaties, grills, and short shorts, us single people have come to the realization that we’re…well…SINGLE. So I talked to a few of the single ladies in my life, and we came to some conclusions. There are a few things we’re going to miss about being “booed up.” And there are quite a few things we aren’t looking forward to.

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Ahem: Ladies-Did You Know You Can Orgasm 12 Different Ways?

Las Vegas boudoir couple

Oh, sex. It’s fun, isn’t it? Especially when you’re gettin’ your groove on with the right person…AKA somebody who knows what the hell they’re doing. And just when you thought there were only like 3 ways to reach an orgasm, the floodgates have opened, dripping with knowledge.

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