Feature Friday: Meet Shantavia Nia


(Photo Credit: Daniel San)

Have you ever wondered how people go vegan, and why? Do you want to get more in touch with your self, be a better you inside, and out? Well today’s Feature Friday profile is perfect for you. Meet Shantavia Nia, a young entrepreneur and Harlem, New York native. Click below to check out the interview.

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Feature Friday: Meet Terrell P


Some people just have “it.” You can’t buy “it.” You can’t rent “it.” It’s a natural, God-given, innate thing that some people have and the rest of us just don’t. And that’s OK. Everything isn’t for everybody. But this brother right here, he’s one of the lucky ones. Meet Terrell P.

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Feature Friday: Meet Sabrina Garba


Feature Friday is back, and today, I am excited to introduce you to Sabrina Garba. This is an inspiring story about how she made the decision to leave an unfulfilling work environment, relying on her talents, and creating a very successful business of her own. Six months after quitting her job, she created Glass Ladder Group, and well, just look at her! To find out more about her story, click below.

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Feature Friday: Meet Aaron Tucker

Ever meet someone who looks like art? Like they’re so well put together-everything they wear, do and say-it seems so cool, yet so natural…and you’re always like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I guess that’s kinda how you have to be when you’re a fashion stylist. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to be…FASHIONABLE…on the cutting edge…able to see the world how most people can’t. Well that’s exactly what Aaron Tucker is-a creative in every sense of the word-an enigma, perhaps. He could absolutely sit down for a drink with Cher in Manhattan, and then the next minute, be posted up at the bar being super cool and straight out of a music video with his boys in Harlem. (And yes, I meant THAT Cher. He helped style her.) You just never know with this guy. But to me, that’s the beauty of it all. And anyway, I think he’s definitely worth knowing. Check out my interview with him below.

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Feature Friday: Meet Ashley Maltbia


Beautiful, bold, and down to earth, Ashley Maltbia is certainly someone who should be on your radar. A Detroit native, Ashley has no problem speaking her mind, and she definitely understands the value of hard work. Determined to walk in her purpose, living every day like it’s her last, Ashley has managed to build a name for herself as an outstanding business woman with confidence, charisma, and class. 

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Feature Friday: Meet Marquelle Turner


“The best things in life are free. The second best things are very expensive.”  That’s Marquelle Turner’s email signature. It’s actually the best email signature I’ve ever seen. It’s fitting, given his impressive wardrobe. I first came across Marquelle’s photos while perusing Blavity’s Instagram page, as I often do. I was intrigued. I mean, who doesn’t love a man in a suit? A TAILORED suit, at that! A few minutes had passed, and I found myself engrossed in these images. At that moment, I knew I wanted to pick his brain. So I did.

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Feature Friday: Meet Shayla Courtney


Every once in a while, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting someone who’s super talented. Every now and again, you’ll have the opportunity to meet someone else who is extremely passionate. At some point in life, you’ll meet someone who really, truly cares about people and their well-being…and occasionally, you’ll find someone who puts a smile on the face of any and everyone they come into contact with. But it’s rare–very rare that you’ll meet someone who possesses all those qualities and more. Today, that’s why I want to introduce you to Fashion Expert, Shayla Courtney. Thank me later.

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Feature Friday: Meet TeDarryl


So after reading this, you’ll probably ask yourself, “What DOESN’T TeDarryl do?”

A singer, writer, actor, print model, stage director and scholar from Petersburg, VA, this guy has planted his feet firmly on the road to the success. With a nearly 4 octave vocal range, his deeply personal music crosses the lines of R&B, soul, experimental, hip-hop, pop & jazz. A two-time graduate of Virginia State University, TeDarryl holds degrees in communications, drama & media management. Impressive, right?

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