5 Reasons My Man Can’t Wear a Romper

It started off with what I thought was a joke, but alas! The male romper is a thing that has taken flight. Here I was, minding my Twitter business, when I was bombarded  with images of men in rompers, quadriceps flexin’. I wondered, were #RompHims taking over for the 99 and the 2017?

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Alexander Wang Garners Praise for Shirts Every Black Person Has Worn Over the Last 3 Decades


“See the Alexander Wang T-Shirts You Can’t Buy Anywhere” the headline read.

Out of curiosity, I clicked the link. Instead of finding some mystical T-Shirt made of rare fabric and hand sewn by Black Jesus, I found something more regular. Very regular. I was shocked to find that the T-Shirts we “can’t buy anywhere,” I had bought and worn back in high school. Something told me that a zillion other Black people in the last 30 years had too.

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5 Tips to Make Your Holiday Wardrobe POP


The holidays are in full swing and boy am I excited about it! This is my favorite time of year because I get to pull out all the sparkle and justify looking like a Beyonce decked in a glitter dress at any given time this month– it’s Christmas! Good thing my good friend Shayla Courtney has all the fashion tips we need to help us get into the holiday spirit. Click below to find out how to make your holiday wardrobe POP!

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The Balmain x H&M Collection Has Been Released and Stores Are Mad Houses Nationwide


Oh my God! Do you guys remember when I told you about the BalmainxH&M collab? Yea, it’s pretty exciting news, right? Well, the collection has finally been released, and things have gotten WAY out of control in H&M stores all over the country. I simply need H&M to do BETTER.

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Lane Bryant Makes Powerful Statement With #PlusisEqual Commercial


As many of you already know, Lane Bryant is a clothing brand that caters to women who have a little more meat on their bones. Curvy, if you will. While some people go out of their way to shame plus size women, Lane Bryant is making an effort to redefine what it means to be sexy, and I think they did a hell of a good job. Take a look.

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Ok. We Get It Kim and Kanye. You Wanna Be Worst Dressed.


Dear sweet Coco Chanel, make it stop! I’ve had about enough of the eyesore that is Kim and Kanye’s fashion. My goodness, I understand that everyone gets to choose what they put on their bodies, but why must it be such a bloody catastrophe? We GET IT KimYe. You’re DIFFERENT. You win! *hands you medal* But…WYD?

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Serena Slayed. Drake Stayed. NY Fashion Week n Such.


Well, this happened all so quickly. One minute Drake was singing about being in love with a waitress at Hooters on Peachtree St., and now he’s banging the greatest female athlete in the world. Amazing how life can come at ya so fast!

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