6 Reasons We Don’t Need a ‘Martin’ Reboot

A Martin reboot is on the horizon and I don’t like the look of it. After five years on air, the classic sitcom ended in 1997, leaving viewers with nothing but fond memories and plenty of jokes to use at family cookouts. But as much as we might miss what the Martin show has done for the culture, I’m not sure many of us are itching for a new and “improved” version. Here are 6 reasons why the reboot doesn’t need to happen.

1. The jokes that were funny then, won’t be funny now.  Martin’s brand of comedy would be too much for the hypersensitive, politically correct world we live in now. I think 90’s era comedy is a bit too harsh for our fragile 2018 ears to process and enjoy. All everyone will do is suck the fun out of it. This tweet proves my point.

2.Martin is doing better without being in the public eye. I think this is a good thread to explain Martin’s highs and lows, and how his time spent in Hollywood might be responsible for how he’s doing now. While Martin and other sources have blamed his erratic behavior on weed, others speculate more serious factors might be at play. I won’t link his behavior to hardcore drugs or alcohol, or even mental illness, but what I will say is that I believe Hollywood and fame became a bit overwhelming for one of our favorite comedians.

I’d like to think that now, he is at least getting some much needed rest, relaxation, and the peace he deserves.

3. Black people don’t really want a reboot, we want nostalgia.

What we really want is a scripted, Black centered show that is GOOD. Sure, there’s a lot of content out there, but nothing feels as good as The Cosby Show, Martin, Living Single, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, etc. It’s just not the same. What we’re looking for is a break from reality, a show void of hashtags, and overt social statements.This reboot would only serve the purpose of appeasing our need to feel connected to a happier place and time. But the real issue though, is the lack of good, solid content centering Black people, Black families, and friendship.

4. Tommy has gone on to glory. 

Now how we gonna have a reboot without Tommy? Y’all KNOW that’s just not right. Although Tommy clearly didn’t have a job, what we’re not going to do is pretend like he wasn’t a vital part of the show. No Tommy, No Martin. Period.

5. The alleged sexual harassment. Anybody who was a true Martin fan knows that the reason Martin & Gina never filmed in the same scene toward the end of the final seasons was because of sexual harassment allegations. Gina accused Martin of being inappropriate on set, much to our surprise. Once that happened, everything went downhill, and viewers never really got answers after things fell apart.

Recently though, Tisha seemed excited about the possibility of a reboot. I’m wondering what’s really going on, and in an effort to avoid any drama, I say everybody needs to stay at least 300 feet away from each other at all times.

6.Some things are better left untouched. Certain things are simply not meant to be tinkered with. It’s like when Michael Jordan came back with the 4-5. Hated it. It’s like when Jessica Simpson covered “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” or when Lifetime made that Aaliyah movie. Some stuff is better left alone so we can remember it for what it was-classic. I’d like to remember the Martin show fondly. At some point, we need to just say “no” to the reboots, and stop trying to fix things that aren’t broke. I think I speak for everybody when I say, a Martin reboot is the absolute last thing we need. I do hope Tisha and Tichina get some work soon, though.


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