10 Black Men Who Are Sexier Than Blake Shelton that Could Have Made People’s Cover

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s always fun and exciting to see who’s going to be on People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover each year. When this time comes around, I’m always taking bets on who the lucky man (in more ways than one) could possibly be. But after seeing the big reveal yesterday, with Blake Shelton named the Sexiest Man for 2017, I have thoughts.

Past “Sexiest Men” include hunks like Matthew McConaugheyAdam Levine, and David Beckham. While these men are without a doubt, a sight to behold, I can’t help but notice, these men have also been overwhelmingly white for the last decade. Zaddy Denzel did manage to snag the cover back in ’96, but his fineness is just universal and practically impossible to overlook.

So as an ode to the beautiful Black brothers out there who have been robbed over the last few years, I’ve compiled a list of 10 celebs who should have made this year’s cover.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba created being handsome. He’s the inventor. I really fancy this British bloke. He’s incredibly lush!

Michael B. Jordan

When things get ROCKY in this relationship, you’re liable to let it slide. One look in this man’s eyes, and ISSA knockout.

Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams is so woke and so fine. What a wonderful combination. Nobody likes a beautiful man with nothing useful to say.

Barack Obama

Mr. President. You the shit. Anything else I have to say would be disrespectful. God bless America. I salute you.


What AIN’T so common is a man as fine as this guy. This Chicago entertainer knows his smile is the way to a woman’s heart.

Omari Hardwick

Omari. Omari. Omari. He sure has the POWER to make the ladies do things they wouldn’t usually do. I mean, just look at him.


Wow. Blue never looked so good. If I ruled the world, Nas would have like 100 clones.

Lenny Kravitz

Rock our world Mr. Kravitz! This 53 year old rockstar can strum our guitar any day!

Mike Colter

Don’t hurt ’em Luke Cage! (Unless they like it) This chocolatey actor keeps the ladies on their toes every time he comes around.

Kofi Siriboe

Poooour some sugar on meeee! This new Hollywood hearthrob is doing his thing in OWN’s hit TV series Queen Sugar, and has all the ladies daydreaming about just how sweet he can be!


Ok ladies and gents-who are you adding to the list? Comment below.


3 thoughts on “10 Black Men Who Are Sexier Than Blake Shelton that Could Have Made People’s Cover

  1. It is all about who is working on the People’s magazine staff survey. Apparently, there is no inclusitivity.

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