KarmaJonez Attends #BeautifullyDriven Screening Hosted by Africa Miranda & Kimberly Lachelle

Black women create a LOT of content. From Youtube videos, to films, blogs, etc. We have a lot to say. Yet, when it comes to getting backed for personal projects, we’re often overlooked and undervalued. It seems that major brands just aren’t willing to put up the big bucks when Black women are sharing authentic content. That’s why attending the #BeautifullyDriven event last night, here in ATL was so refreshing. It restored my hope that larger companies are beginning to see what an asset Black women are when it comes to story telling and creating content that sparks people’s interest.

Luxury audio brand Harman Kardon, along with social influencers Africa Miranda and Kimberly Lachelle, hosted a launch party for the new web series “Beautifully Driven,” a four-episode showcase of women who have “found their lane.” 

Guests packed Bravo Ocean Studios on a rainy evening to preview the premiere episode, browse new products in the Harman Kardon Suite, check out the latest Optima, Cadenza and Niro Touring vehicles from Kia Motors and enjoy soulful performances from talented singer-songwriters India Shawn and Chantae Cann.

The #BeautifullyDriven documentary was heartwarming to watch, Miranda and Kimberly clearly moved and inspired by the artists they’d handpicked to be a part of their journey. There was an undeniable bond between these  women, although they had just met. It was familiar. It was pure. Kimberly began to tear up, as she listened to India Shaw sing “I’m Alive” over and over again in that gentle, lulling tone that makes her so unique.


Beautifully Driven’s mission is simple: Find dope Black women and share their dopeness with the world. Kimberly explained why that was so important for her.

“We want to create great content for Black women. We don’t care about any of those labels-micro influencers, etc. We are not interested in being figureheads. We want to partner with people who are willing to help us tell our story.” She goes on to express her gratitude to Kia Motors and Harman Kardon for believing in their vision, and saying “yes” to their voice.

Kimberly expressed her desire to see more Black women in the space that she and Miranda are in, encouraging people to shift their perspectives. ” We are so focused on spending our money and consuming in places that don’t value our values. We have an investment and commitment from a company that actually cares.”

Miranda chimed in, driving home the importance of Black women having control of their own narratives. This is a big move for Miranda, who is best known for being a beauty and fashion maven. She talked about how this initiative helped her find her “place.”

“We want to tell our stories. We want to see ourselves.” Seeing more of herself, means seeing more Black women, according to Miranda. She wants to see Black women be able to live their dreams out loud, and uncensored. “For me, these gifts I’ve been granted mean more opportunities for other women. I want to see how I can help others. If you’re always thinking about how you can benefit yourself, it’s not going to be fulfilling.” 

This documentary was definitely uplifting in more ways than one. I’m proud of these ladies for taking the leap, and loving Kia and Harman Kardon’s willingness to step out of the box. When asked if the ladies were thinking about pitching the doc to a major network, Kimberly had this to say, “Our focus hasn’t been finding a larger platform or network. Your gifts will make room you and we will keep doing what we do. We’re trying to create other yeses for other people, right now. That’s our focus.”

Check out the Beautifully Driven docu-series by clicking the link below.



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