#KarmaWantstoKnow-Tyrese Gibson: A Mental Health Issue or Manipulation?

Tyrese is making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days. First his Twitter beef with the Rock, now a tearful social media post after allegations of child abuse (from his daughter & ex wife). To top the cake, there’s a $13,000 a month child support scandal. People have been laughing at Tyreses’s pain, and of course making memes. Naturally, some are worried about the star’s well being.

Personally, I don’t think Tyrese’s meltdown was funny. Honestly, I hope he gets the help he needs. While I do think Tyrese had a legit  meltdown, and may be suffering from mental health issues, I’m still on the fence and have trouble weeding through how much of it is a meltdown and how much of it is his alleged /manipulative behavior at play here.

Exclusive: Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Norma Breaks Silence, Opens Up About Child Custody Drama & Being Abused During Their Marriage

I wonder, how we reconcile wanting help for someone while holding people accountable. For example, Chris Brown. Is there a happy medium, do you have to stand on one side? Is Tyrese dealing with mental health issues, or did things just blow up in his face unexpectedly?


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