The Career Paths Our Favorite Celebrities Would Have Taken Had They Not Been Famous

I don’t know about you guys, but I often wonder what celebs would be doing with their lives had they not been…famous. Don’t you? Let’s take a stab at it.

1. Rihanna:Bartender

Rihanna is the definition of a ‘good time.’ Aside from the fact that she makes good music, she’s just an incredibly likable person. I don’t think it’s any secret that our girl has her vices. I can guarantee you one thing-anybody who shows up to a bar where she’s serving drinks, is bound to get more than you paid for.

2. Ciara: Model

The truth is, Ciara isn’t the best singer. She’s not in the top 5, probably not in the top 20. But that’s OK. None of that matters because the good news is, the woman can SLAY a designer outfit, and she serves FACE. She also gave us the Summer banger “Goodies” so she’s done enough for the music game as far as I’m concerned.


3. Diddy: Party Promoter

No one can promote like Diddy. He’s passionate about everything he does, ESPECIALLY partying. He’s been known to throw some of the most over the top parties in Hollywood, and I can guarantee you that any club who has Diddy on their team, will have lines wrapped around the corner. Take dat. Take dat.

3. T.I.: English Professor

T.I. is a man of many words. Everything he writes or says sounds like it came directly from a Thesaurus. Perhaps in the near future, he will be afforded the esteemed opportunity to demonstrate his academic abilities at an institution of higher learning.

4. Colin Kaepernick: Community Organizer

Like our favorite President, Mr. Barack Obama, Colin would make a great community organizer. Thus far, Colin has sparked a movement and donated to a number of organizations over the last year. He will certainly go down in history for his selfless acts, his bravery, and his attention to the things that matter.

5. Tyrese: Motivational Speaker 

I don’t know if you all have noticed, but Tyrese LOVES telling other people how to work through life situations. He spends a lot of his time advising fans and even his celebrity friends on how to make things work. It’s clear that he wants to help, but I’m not sure he’s pinpointed his specialty yet.

6. Cardi B:Hair Stylist

I can totally see Cardi in the Bronx at the Dominican hair salon, setting hair in rollers, eating beef patties from the corner store, and spilling all the tea with her fellow stylists and clients. Being that Cardi sometimes changes her hair two times in one day, it isn’t far fetched that she’d end up in a poppin salon.

7. SZA: Dance/Yoga Instructor

Just looking at SZA makes you feel a bit calmer, doesn’t it? It’s like you can feel her energy through the screen. Who wouldn’t want her to be at the front of a dance class, or listen to her melodic voice during a yoga session?

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8. Erykah Badu: Palm Reader/Holistic Healer

I just KNOW Erykah got some herbs, and oils and tarot cards stashed in her drawers somewhere. I think she can definitely put you on to some that Baduizm and change your whole life.

9. Donald Trump: Used Car Salesman

He’s not one of our favorite celebrities, but definitely one of the most talked about. Just a lying, cheating, scandalous, slickster. Yep. The current President of the United States shares more characteristics with a used car salesman than anybody I know. He lies to cover up his lack of knowledge, he’s more concerned with achieving his goal, than he is with the well being of the American people, he gives bad information, and he makes promises he can’t keep. Yep. Definitely a used car salesman.

10. Chris Brown: Painter

Many successful painters have been known to have troubled personal lives. Chris Brown is no different. I think if he hadn’t been fortunate enough to be a successful R&B singer, he’d definitely be a painter. I can see him sitting in his studio, day in and day out, smoking weed, listening to music, and putting all of his feelings on to the canvass. He may end up with a missing ear, when it’s all said and done, but there will be lots and lots of beautiful paintings.

What do you think? Can you see it? What would your favorite celebs be doing if they weren’t famous?




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