10 Things We Learned from Season 2 of Insecure

For the last two seasons, Issa Rae has done an incredible job of portraying the semi-bougie, Black millennial experience. From brunches to bedrooms, Insecure is a must watch because it’s so relatable, and so on point. Season 1 was definitely full of gems, but this season, there were a couple of things that I think we should all take note of.

1. The “hoe phase” is never as fun as we think it’s gonna be.

After the break up, Issa thought she was bout to hit these streets and fill the large ass void that Lawrence left. Boy, was she wrong. All she ended up doing was meeting a couple of losers from Tinder, an old white Zaddy, and sexin’ a second hand Mase who tried to steal her phone charger. The same goes for Lawrence. He thought having a threesome with two white broads and dating the dry chic from his job was going to make him forget about Issa. That wasn’t the case at all. The truth is, after a break up, the best thing you can do is sit your ass down somewhere and get your life together.

2. We block our blessings like 90% of the time.

Now…HOW MANY TIMES did Molly have the chance to get with a nice, respectable, hard working man that was REALLY feelin’ her? Hella times. The issue was that Molly had already established in her mind, what she wanted the guy to look like, dress like, act like. A lot of times, people miss their blessings because they can’t see the blessing right in front of them. Molly is a PRIME example of that.

3. Black people actually CAN be prejudiced, too.

Issa’s coworker Frida (the well-meaning white girl) tried to warn Issa about Vice Principal Gaines and his anti-Latino stance. But because Issa is a Black woman, and presumably used to being discriminated against, she took advantage of Gaines’ warped views, and used this as an opportunity for Black students to get a leg up.

4. When giving head, please know that cum in your eye IS a possibility.

Issa really pissed me off in this episode. She acted soooo shocked about this little…incident. I get that some girls prefer that their partner “finish” in a more conservative way, but let’s be real-as a full blown adult, doing full blown adult things, some stuff is to be expected. Que sera sera, bish.

5. There’s no friendship like Black girl friendship.

YOU BETTA! LISTEN. CHIIILLLE. I CANNOT. BIIIITTTCH. Here’s the thing-Black girl friendships are a special kinda bond. They are powerful, they are priceless, they are petty. I love how Issa and the writers really tackled what it means for Black women to be friends, and the many layers that exist within those friendships.

6. The “perfect couple” is never perfect. 

I know you’ve seen them-the perfect couple on your Facebook and IG feed. They’re always smiling, always happy. They travel on the monthly. When we see those kinds of couples on our timelines, we can often feel like we’re doing something wrong in our own lives. But the truth is, nobody’s perfect. We all have those friends whose lives seem to be all put together, BUT they have issues too, and that’s important to remember. Amanda Seales’ character Tiffany DuBois reminded of us of that this season.

7. Black women are never going to get the respect they deserve at work.

Molly finds out that her white male counterpart is getting paid way more than her, even though she does more, puts in way more effort, and is just…better. She tries to find a way to remedy the problem, but soon realizes it’s not something she can fix. Black women workers are paid only 67 cents on the dollar relative to white non-Hispanic men, even after controlling for education, years of experience, and location. Shoutout to Insecure for highlighting that.

8. Everybody needs a Tasha in their life.

Tasha got a lot of flack on social media for being the “side chic.” But I happen to think Tasha is a really good person, and to be honest, Issa could use a friend like her. She’s loyal, she’s listens, she’s dedicated to her family, (and Beyonce), and she’s transparent.  She even offered her Westside rentals password to Lawrence when he was looking for a place. My point is, despite her perceived “flaws,” we began to see Tasha in a different light as the season went on. Not only did she remind us to always carry hot sauce, she also taught us to never judge a book by its cover.

9. Men will legit come to your family cookout, and still not mean you no good.

Lawrence’s ass KNEW he wasn’t serious about Tasha. He never did really LIKE her. He half listened to what she had to say, and he merely tolerated their #TGIT dates. Whole time, his mind was on Issa, yet he agreed to show up to her family cookout WITH lawn chairs. SMH.

10. When you’re wrong, apologizing is always the right thing to do. 

These two did a lot of effed up sh*t and said a lot of effed up sh*t to each other in this scene. Also, prior to that, they definitely did the most. From Issa cheating, to Lawrence not being the man he should’ve been, etc. etc., the truth is, they both still love each other. What we learned from them is that low blows are never the answer. Solid communication and honesty is always key. I cried REALLY hard when they had a heart to heart in their old apartment. The apologies were real, and the feelings were genuine. It looks like these two are finally growing up.

Overall, I thought Season 2 of Insecure was very well played out. What are your thoughts? I’m ready for Season 3.  Are you #TeamLawrence or #TeamIssa?


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