Break Ups, Broken Hearts, & the Crew Departs: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 7 & 8

As the crew anticipates the arrival of Larry’s mystery boo, Emily struggles to find ways to handle some unfinished business with hers. She ends up breaking the bad news to her man Joseph, and as expected, he doesn’t take it well. He demands that Emily stay away from Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome Agu, but Emily isn’t willing to give up ALL of her vacay fun just yet.

But if Emily thought she was going to end up back under Agu’s sheets, she had another thing coming. After a long night of drinking, Agu shuts Emily DOWN-he was on a mission to kiss and make up with Kamani.

In the meantime, Corey has arrived, and Jermane is giving him the eagle eye from all angles of the house. Pool? Jermane is on the balcony. Kitchen? Jermane is at the dinner table. Toilet? Jermane can be found behind the shower curtain, because in his words, he’s Larry’s “oldest friend.”

Corey seems to be meshing well with the group, and even Kamani acknowledges that Larry is happier than usual. After warming up to each other, they hit the town for some excitement. On the way to the club, some unexpected conversations and untapped feelings rise to the surface. Emily expresses her frustration about Kamani to the guys, and Corey says the L word to Larry. It seems to have taken a trip to Mexico, and a couple of tequila shots for Corey to really reveal how he felt.

Per usual, the night goes on, but not without some drama. Once the crew leaves the club to head back home, Emily’s anger grows, and Kamani gets wind of her breakdown. While Kamani brushes the news off, Larry decides he can’t do the same, and has a breakdown of his own. He’s ready to call it quits.

The Season Finale opens with the celebration of Corey’s birthday on a BOAT. While everybody else is ready to take on the waves, Jermane is convincing himself to overcome his fear of water. He’d made a pledge to himself that as long as he was Black, he’d avoid open water at all costs, but today, he decides to take life by the horns, and pop bottles on a yacht.

While on the boat, the group decides to revisit the car crying session that happened when Corey finally shared his feelings with Larry. To everyone’s surprise, Corey plays dumb, and describes his emotional outpouring as “nice.” Meanwhile everyone else is like…


Larry goes out on a limb, and takes Corey to dinner, even presenting him with some designer jewelry, and STILL Corey responds with a smug “thanks.” He continues to have selective amnesia and Larry is left wondering where they stand.

After the boat, Corey heads back to L.A. The crew plans a special surprise dinner for Larry to show their appreciation. Of course, he loves it. At the dinner, Emily declares she’s no longer drinking. Larry supports her decision. Though this group has showed their asses (literally and figuratively) the entire trip, Larry says he would definitely do it all again, and his friends are glad to hear it.

After a long night of partying, Kamani and Agu get close in the backseat. He gifts her with a necklace bearing her birthstone. Kamani’s reaction is surprising, as she’s either extremely drunk, or emotional-she gives Adu the kiss he’s been waiting for all these weeks. They decide to work on something “serious” back home in L.A. Unfortunately, Agu screws things up as soon as his foot touches L.A. soil.

Larry and Corey are the only ones who are still actively dating, and honey, I’m not sure where that’s going to go, so we’re just going to have to pray on it. But one thing is certainly for sure, if Larry Sims ever tries this sh*t again, he may have to be more careful who gets an e-vite.

Until next time, people.



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