Dear Future: You Missed the Whole Point

“A hit dog gon’ holler,” my father once said. For those of you who didn’t grow up with grandmas who cooked chitterlings, and the ability to navigate back roads without streetlights, this quote might elude you. But to put it simply, when people are feeling particularly guilty about a thing they’ve done, or continue to do, they tend to respond to general statements and discussions, even if they were never mentioned by name. That is exactly what Future did.

I have a love/hate relationship with Future. Sure, he provides me with a plethora of ratchet material for my listening pleasure and top notch gym playlists. That can’t be denied. His music provides the soundtrack for hundreds of thousands of cookouts, Summer car rides, and strip clubs nationwide. Sadly, none of these distinctions can distract us from the fact that Future has consistently displayed f*ckboy behavior.

Aside from knocking up several women, and marrying none, bullying Ciara and her current husband, cheating on Ci-Ci, and calling her a b*tch in interviews, Future can’t seem to get enough negativity in his life. Basically, he’s Joanne.

Jay Z released his much anticipated album 4:44 last week, a compilation of “grown man” raps, reflecting more of Sean Carter’s ideals than that of Hov’s. He makes a special effort to talk about things that matter-credit, family, learning from your mistakes. But still, he doesn’t miss the opportunity to take jabs at a few rappers (and R&B singers) -Future being one of the unlucky casualties.

In a track called “Killy Jay Z,” Uncle Jay talks about saying goodbye to his old ways, coming to terms with his past, and taking accountability. While the whole track is to be applauded, this line has been getting most of our attention.

I don’t even know what you woulda done
In the future, other niggas playin’ football with your son


Another line from 4:44 has garnered lots of attention, and much public debate. Jay calls out nobody in particular in this line, but still manages to hit more than a few nerves.

Y’all on the gram holdin money to your ear//there’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here

Future’s response?

Jay’s more direct line seems to escape Future, as he challenges the veteran rapper to a “juice” competition. He completely overlooks the fact that Jay calls him out for being a deadbeat dad and a f*ckboy. His immaturity, and his short sightedness only allows him to focus on one thing-the money. The money overshadows his drug use, his lack of family time, and his “future.” All he can think about is the here and now-stuntin’ on n*ggas. His eagerness to show  his competition “what’s up” only results in him looking like the damn fool Jay said he would. Future, a man who still owes Rocko money has the audacity to try and call someone up to the plate-that someone being a near billionaire iconic rapper, who is now considered a family man.

It’s clear that Future has missed the point. Sadly, he is the epitome of the negative stereotype Jay Z was referencing throughout his raps. Instead of being concerned with the line about his son, Future focused in on the cash, the scrilla, the dollar dollar bill. Can’t that be said about so many of the people Jay was trying to reach with his rhymes? Isn’t this exactly the behavior that Jay was trying to discourage? Jay Z is calling for racial progress to create lasting wealth for generations to come, creating a legacy. Future, on the other hand, is fighting for the right to hold a stack of money up to his ear.

While some may struggle to find the link between a money phone, and certain negative behaviors, trust me, the dots are there, but I don’t have time to connect them. Nevertheless, in an Instagram video, rapper 50 Cent really explains why Jay Z’s message doesn’t sit well with certain people. He calls Jay Z’s album a little “too smart.” He says he felt like he needed to be “wearing glasses” while he listened.

There’s a lot to be said about the kind of person who doesn’t want to hear rap about “smart stuff.” People who only want to talk about “having a good time.” They are typically people like Future and 50 Cent. 50, who has abandoned his son, frequently having hostile back and forths with him via social media…50, who once took a photo like this:

This behavior is indicative of people who have something to prove to the world, but don’t spend much time focusing on the things that really matter. Hood rich. And no, there’s nothing wrong with being from the hood, but there is certainly something to be said for someone who has a hood mentality, with no interest in changing it. We gon pray for 50.

In the mean time, perhaps Future should try to connect that money phone to a landline, and get the advice from Jay that he obviously missed the first time. It’ll probably go a little somethin’ like this-

Smarten up. Open the market up. 

What do you think? #Team Future or #TeamHov?

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