Thank God Kodak Black Doesn’t Like Black Women

Every now and again, a celebrity makes the mistake of actually sharing their thoughts on social media. I don’t call it a “mistake” because I think celebrities shouldn’t share their opinions, I call it a “mistake” because it turns out that a lot of the things they have to say are, well…stupid. I don’t know if these guys are sniffing too much coke up there in Hollywood, or what-but it’s clear that an intervention needs to be had.

A few days ago, Kodak Black, one of the most terrifying looking rappers to date, declared via Instagram Live that he “doesn’t like Black women.” My first reaction to the news was, “F*ck you,” my second reaction was, “Is this the ‘Skrt’ n*gga?”, my third reaction was “Thank you, sweet brown baby Jesus.” In that order.

While I expect stuff like this from certain celebs, I’m always amazed at the audacity of rappers like Kodak Black, whose physical characteristics are enough to make me want to brush my teeth, wash my hands, and get a pap smear all at the same damn time. A man whose gold teeth want nothing more than to not be inside of his mouth. A guy whose hair yearns for the day it will meet a comb. THIS n*gga has some nerve.

While Kodak was on Instagram Live, a fan asked if he’d ever consider dating Keke Palmer. The rapper replied, “Keke Palmer, she straight. I’d bag her, but I don’t really like black girls like that, sorta kinda.”

He then went on to talk about how he prefers to date women like J Lo and Taylor Swift.

Now if you know me, it’s true that I have a long history of Taylor Swift hate, but I wouldn’t wish the lustful eye of Kodak Black on my worst enemy-no, not even Taylor Swift.

The next day, Kodak turned his wifi on, and logged into his account, to tell us that he in fact DOES like Black women, but only “redbones” -no darkies. This isn’t the first time Black rappers have disrespected the melanin. A$SAP Rocky tried it, then Yung Berg, and the list goes on. Colorism is real, and unfortunately, it’s especially pervasive in the Hip Hop community.

But what I’d like to do now is thank God that men like Kodak Black, Yung Berg and A$SAP Rocky don’t “prefer” Black or dark skinned women. We are thankful for his everlasting mercy and grace. We lift our hands in this place, and exalt his name that we will never, ever have to make contact with the likes of a nuisance such as Kodak Black. God is so, SO good. Black women rejoice.


One thought on “Thank God Kodak Black Doesn’t Like Black Women

  1. The audacity!!! Ugh! I don’t understand how a BLACK man can say that I’m not into BLACK women, yet your mother is a BLACK woman. Disturbing.

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