Adieu Agu: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 6

Jermane and Malaku plan a beach getaway to escape the madhouse for a few hours, leaving the rest of the crew back at the ranch to deal with their drama. The two are feeling a little left out, wondering who the special person in Larry’s life is. Emily and her boyfriend Joseph have a nice night in Larry’s suite, getting the alone time that they desperately need. The couple seems to be enjoying themselves, and Emily’s secret is still safe-for now.

Joseph leaves the house the next day after preparing a beautiful “couple’s” breakfast for Emily, Larry and Bianca. He heads back to L.A., leaving a very relieved Emily behind.

Once everyone is back together again, they head out on the town, but first stop for a bite to eat. Before we know it, Emily is feeding Agu sushi with chopsticks right across from Kamani.


At this point, I’m not sure if Emily is just dumb or devilish. When will her shameless pursuit end? Emily continues to take center stage as she thanks the table for not revealing her secret. Kamani isn’t in the mood, though. She and Emily get into a back and forth at the table, and just like that, a perfectly good Japanese dinner is ruined. Emily wants to make it clear that she met Agu before Kamani ever came into the picture. Agu just sits there sipping his drink, letting the girls fight for his honor. Larry suggests they head to the next destination for some drinks, to calm everybody down. (Sure, Larry. Liquor ALWAYS makes the situation better with this group.)

They arrive at the nightclub in seemingly good spirits, but it seems that Emily is already spiraling down a tequila black hole. She’s having a horrible time. She starts nibbling on her nails, and from that point on, everything goes to sh*t. She sees Kamani and Agu having a great time together, and her crazy takes flight. She storms out of the club and throws herself into one of the cars.

Fearing for her safety, the crew follows. In the van, Agu attempts to “help” Emily, letting her rest her head in his lap. Larry and Bianca look on, amused, as Agu plants his hand under Emily’s skirt.

Suddenly Larry gets really upset, and tells Agu that he’s being super messy, bringing a whole lot of unnecessary drama into the house. Tired of Agu playing both sides of the fence, he tells him to fix it, and fix it soon. He also tells Emily to get her life, and to make things right with Joseph. Back at home, everyone heads to bed to sleep off the margaritas.

Morning comes, and Kamani is in a better mood. She even helps Emily dye her roots before they hit the beach. Larry and Bianca urge Agu to come clean about what he did and where he stands, but when he tries to, Kamani tells him they can talk at the beach. Agu wants to drop the bomb that he isn’t ready for a relationship.

The time at the beach starts off nice, but Bianca’s watchful and judgey eye soon gets the best of of Agu, and he’s forced to have “the talk” sooner than he wanted to. He finally tells Kamani the truth, and she loses it. She cries in the bathroom, feeling betrayed and embarrassed. Emily questions how she should break the news to Joseph. Emily moves back into the room with a dejected Agu.

Agu does try to talk to Kamani later on at the house, but she ain’t tryna hear it. I have to say, Kamani, if you thought Agu was the man for you, you were living in a fantasy land. The man gave you all the signs you needed! At this point, it looks like Kamani might be calling it quits, and packing her bags. She’s over everything, and she’s ready to bid Agu adieu!

Will Kamani stay? Will Emily hook up with Agu and cut ties with Joseph? We’ll find out on the next episode of Invite Only Cabo, at Sunday at 9 PM, only on Bravo.



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