AJ the Hurricane: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 5

Episode 5, and the crew is in for a (very) rude awakening. Larry’s good friend AJ, an actress turned personal trainer and life coach arrives on the scene like a hellcat, muscles flexin’. She’s loud, she’s out of control, she’s passionate. But will she fit in at the house?

The answer is Hell No.

It quickly becomes apparent that Emily and AJ won’t be taking shots and playing footsies in the pool. Emily, typically vibrant, and good-natured, becomes withdrawn and angry when she learns AJ is the “surprise” Larry brought back in his suitcase.

It’s easy to understand why, when AJ immediately starts throwing shade in Emily’s direction. AJ, who knows most of Larry’s friends, starts asking Agu about his hookup with Emily. She encourages Agu to “be more selective” when choosing his cuddle partners. That turns into a yelling match over breakfast, which leads to Malaku checking her on her nasty behavior. AJ continues to act very anti-life coachy throughout her stay, and finally (thank God), it’s time for her to fly out on the broom she rode in on. Everyone agrees that they’re glad to see AJ and her muscles go.

Meanwhile, it’s time to celebrate another birthday in the Invite Only house, and this time, we’re celebrating the life of the party, herself: Emily. Per usual, the crew is ready for an excuse to drink tequila. (Sidenote: Emily is still sending Agu lusty texts behind the scenes) They go night swimming, and while Agu flaunts his man parts, Kamani makes it clear in her confessional that Agu’s man parts are for her eyes, and her eyes ONLY.

For Emily’s birthday, the crew decides to immerse themselves in the culture, as they celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Speaking of death, Emily looks like all of the breath has left her body when she finds her boyfriend Joseph waiting back at the house. Larry thought it would be a a nice “surprise” for Emily. (damn Larry and his surprises) She seems happy, but she definitely has the “oh sh*t” look in her eyes. The next day, the crew ends up at dinner, and things get awkward when Agu and Joseph go outside for a smoke. Will Agu kiss and tell, throwing Emily ALL the way under the bus? Or will he keep their secret, and keep the party goin’?

Join me this Sunday at 9 PM on Bravo, as we tune in to Episode 6 of “Invite Only Cabo.”


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  1. Man I love this show it has everything good times bad times wild times and every one is being them self no filters.

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