The First Lady of Cabo: Invite Only Cabo Episode 4

It’s Busy Body Bianca’s birthday, and everybody is ready for the ultimate turn up. After learning that Kamani is doing much better after her accident, the crew decides to jump back into the party scene like they never left. Kamani’s close call succeeded in bringing the group together, even alleviating tensions between Kamani, Bianca, and Agu. However, with neck brace and all, Kamani still finds time to call Emily a twist off cap bottle of wine, so I’m not sure how far we’ve actually come.

All that aside, Kamani is slaying the girls with that neck brace, hunty. It could be the next fashion trend. Trust me!

Meanwhile, Larry is riding out with the boys, and making one bad decision after another. In an effort to show Bianca some love on her bornday, Larry decides to bless her with a new ring. The guys unanimously agree that’s a horrible idea, but Larry does it anyway, and drops a bombshell that he is actually in love with someone that we haven’t even met. Everybody else is obviously very confused, and advise Larry to stop leading Bianca on if he’s got his loins tangled up with someone else. Nevertheless, after Larry gives Bianca her new ring, she declares herself the “First Lady.”

Speaking of twist off caps…as day turns to night, and tequila continues to pour, Emily is twistin’ and turnin’ her way next to Agu. I gotta give it to her-homegirl is persistent. Agu continues to turn her down…however I’m not sure how long that will last.

Larry has to leave the house for a few days to fulfill a contract, which gives the group some time to get to know each other better without him in the mix. They decide to go to dinner. After interrogating Queen B for the first part of the meal, Jermane gets a text message from Larry. I guess Larry hadn’t gotten enough of dropping bombs on people, because he was back for round two. This time, Larry reveals to the group that he’s returning to the house with extra baggage-a new friend.

Of course, none of his friends, who are all a tad bit shady in their own right, are feelin’ the news. They immediately want to know “who,” “what,” “when,” and “where.” But Larry doesn’t spill the tea just yet. Guess we’ll just have to wait until Episode 5 to find out who the special guest is.

Join me next Sunday at 9 PM on Bravo for the next episode of Invite Only Cabo.


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