Alcohol, Accidents, and Arguments: “Invite Only Cabo” Episode 3

This week, you can cut the tension in the house with a knife, as Larry considers pulling the plug on Cabo. Fed up with all of the misunderstandings and messy MESS, Larry isn’t sure that even a beautiful mansion on a beautiful beach is enough to make him put up with the drama coming at him from every direction.

As Episode 3 opens, Bianca continues to give an Oscar worthy performance, declaring that Kamani is out to ruin her and Larry’s “relationship.” The others in the house try to convince her that Kamani only wants what’s best for Larry, but Bianca isn’t buying it.

The crew decides to put their differences aside for two seconds to enjoy some of the scenery in Cabo, but it isn’t long before Bianca brings the fun to a screeching halt. In the middle of the pool, while she and Larry are “luxuriating,” she asks her “bae” about marriage. Larry, like most of us, is immediately confused, flabbergasted and annoyed. There’s not enough tequila in the world to deal with this kind of foolery.

Kamani and Agu begin to patch up their situationship when Agu invites Kamani out for lunch, and she accepts. The two seem to be warming up to each other, but Kamani still isn’t quite ready to let that wall down. Back at the ranch, Emily and Kamani have a one on one. Emily reveals that she’s racked with guilt, and turns on the water works over dinner.

In an effort to shift gears and relieve some stress, Larry plans a super adventurous day of ATV activities. Soon after things get going, Kamani is thrown from her bike, and hits the ground in a frightening accident. It becomes evident that she can’t move, and paramedics come to her rescue, racing her off to the hospital. Agu is by her side the whole time, looking on in desperation, while the others watch from afar, still in shock and very scared about the pending outcome.

What started out as a good natured idea meant to bring everyone closer, ends up doing just that, but for all the wrong reasons. Larry is overwhelmed with guilt, having planned the trip, and we are stuck wondering if Kamani will pull through, and if this will be the one thing to finally makes everyone put their differences aside. Can this group pull it together for the common good?

Join me next Sunday, at 9 PM on Bravo, to find out what happens next on “Invite Only Cabo.” Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!


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