Cabo Catastrophe: “Invite Only Cabo” Recap Episode 1&2

What happens when you put a “free spirit,” a divorcee looking for love in all the wrong places, a ladies’ man, and a bad and boujee entrepreneur with an emotional block in the same house, in a far away land? Thanks to Bravo, and celebrity hair stylist, Larry Sims, we are about to find out.

“Invite Only Cabo” is an entertaining show based on Larry’s eclectic group of friends and their adventures, as we watch them take on Cabo for the very first time-TOGETHER. With so many different personalities under one roof, it’s only a matter of time before sh*t hits the fan.

Bianca Banks and Larry have been besties for over six years, but have recently gone from besties to “baes.” Though most of the time, Bianca appears to be more committed than Larry is, that doesn’t stop her from being extremely possessive, and frankly a bit overbearing when it comes to her new boo. Bianca isn’t going to let anything or ANYONE stand in the way of what she and Larry have going on-whatever the hell that is.

When Emily Moses is introduced to the rest of the group, she comes in like a wrecking ball, looking for shot glasses, and a good time. She spent most of their first dinner chewing her fingernails off and spitting them on the ground, while double dipping her chips in the guacamole. While most people prefer to keep Emily at a distance, Agu Ukaogo, a tall, dark and handsome player, welcomes Emily with open arms. After a night of tequila overload, Agu also welcomes Emily into his bed, and the two spend the night together, despite the fact that Emily has a boyfriend back home. When the crew realizes they’re both missing, they barge into Agu’s room, to find a blonde head bobbing for apples under the sheets.

But Emily isn’t the only one who took things too far that night. Agu and Larry’s friend Kamani had been getting to know each other since they had arrived in Cabo. When Kamani learns that Agu and Emily had been “cuddling” the night before, her emotional wall goes back up, and the Ice Princess returns.

While the drama continues to unfold, Larry’s other friends Jermane and Malaku are sitting back, drinking mimosas, and key-keying. Jermane is a bit more opinionated than Malaku, but both tend to stay out of the drama, and just watch from the sidelines. Malaku tries to be the peace maker, but even someone as peaceful as him can’t contain what’s about to boil over in that house.

Tensions build between Bianca and Larry, as they struggle to understand the dynamics of their new relationship (probably because it seems forced), and Bianca has a breakdown when she realizes that a tequila infused kiss they shared in the club could change things between them forever. To make things worse, Kamani tells Larry that Bianca was fondled in the club by another man, and when Larry confronts her, Bianca unleashes her anger on both Larry and Kamani.

Within the first two episodes, things went from fun, to poppin, to not so fun, to a sh*tshow, and I have a pretty good feeling things can only downhill from here. Where there are egos, strong personalities, mixed drinks and mixed feelings, there will always be drama. I just hope this group makes it out of Mexico without any casualities.

Catch the next episode of “Invite Only Cabo” this Sunday on Bravo at 9 PM ET/PT. You won’t be disappointed!



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