Dear Katy Perry, Issa “No” for Me Dawg

I don’t know what it is about some white celebrities and their fascination with Hip Hop culture, but I’m starting to get a bit uncomfortable. Over the weekend, Katy Perry made a fool of herself, causing Black people and well meaning white people to experience second hand embarrassment when she performed with rap group Migos on Saturday Night Live. I never thought it would come to this, as I had been a Katy Perry fan in the past. Any enemy of Taylor Swift is a friend of mine. But with her recent shenanigans, I can’t help but wonder if Katy Perry is TRYING to ruin her career.

There’s a long list of white celebrities who have made their living being culture vultures. Miley Cyrus is one of them. Fortunately, she recently announced that she was bowing out of Hip Hop after several years of twerking and jerking her non existent hind parts all over our computer screens. The Hip Hop community couldn’t have been happier.

But then, Katy Perry emerged as Miley Cyrus 3.0, and we were forced to relive the trauma inflicted by Miley all over again.  She even got the Miley haircut.

Katy Perry-I want you to know that this “pose” is highly offensive. Is this your “Black” pose? What are you attempting to translate here? In this photo, the rappers are smiling, and standing like normal people. And look at you. LOOK at ya.

You see, we’ve created an atmosphere where white people can try on cultures like costumes, and get rewarded for it. This kind of behavior is commonplace, and needs to be called out when it’s happening.

Katy Perry has made a habit of emulating a culture that she doesn’t even really understand or respect. If she did, she wouldn’t be slicking down “baby hairs” and eating watermelon in her videos. We cross over into dangerous territory when we allow white celebrities to be a part of “Black culture” and then revert back to being “white” whenever they get tired of the facade. I mean, look at P!nk. She was presented by LA Reid as a hip, down to earth white girl who had rhythm and soul. Later on, we found out that her identity was just a front. Imagine how dumbfounded we’d all be to find out that Eminem didn’t really grow up in a trailer park on 8 Mile!

The point is, there is absolutely no culture that has been as abused and misused as Black/Hip Hop culture. At some point, we have to say enough is enough. With that said, I have no choice but to cancel Katy Perry for good. #GirlBye


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