5 Reasons My Man Can’t Wear a Romper

It started off with what I thought was a joke, but alas! The male romper is a thing that has taken flight. Here I was, minding my Twitter business, when I was bombarded  with images of men in rompers, quadriceps flexin’. I wondered, were #RompHims taking over for the 99 and the 2017?

I scrolled on Twitter for some insight.

No insight to be found, of course. But after realigning my back, having laughed until I’d injured myself, a voice in my head whispered, “What happens when your man brings home a romper from Macy’s? How you gon’ act?” I quickly responded to the hypothetical voice with a stern, “Ain’t nobody gonna be rompin’ around in THIS house!” And I meant it.

No this wasn’t about me trying to steal my man’s #BlackBoyJoy. This was simply me expressing the fact that I think male rompers look like pajamas, and the only men on earth who could possibly pull the look off are Bruno Mars, Kanye West, and this guy…this guy right here. (whoever he may be)


But after that, I draw the line!

Here are 5 Reasons Why Man Can’t Wear a Romper

1. No onsies allowed on grown ass men under my roof. You saw Baby Boy, let’s not go down that road. Poor Yvette.

2. What if we both show up for dinner with the same romper on? Who’s gonna have to change? Me or my man?

3. When we pose for Instagram pictures, who’s gonna do the booty to camera pose? Me or him?

4. When we’re trying to have adult fun, I don’t want to struggle with his #RompHim zipper. It’ll kill the vibe.

5. Doing the laundry will be way harder than it needs to be.

If there’s one thing I don’t like doing, it’s laundry. And I certainly don’t need the process to be made any harder with mix ups in laundry, where things belong in the closet, etc. I prefer to keep my laundry tasks only semi-complicated.

So you see, folks, why I simply cannot tolerate my man wearing a #RompHim. It ain’t gonna work for me. But for those of you out there who feel the #RompHim in your spirit, I urge you to romp…romp on. Just make sure you wear the right kind of underwear guys. Pantylines are NOT sexy.


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