Steve Harvey Has Nothing to Apologize For

I get it. We don’t like Steve Harvey. Ever since he released “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” the guy can’t seem to catch a break. Men were upset that he had broken the “guy code,” and women were mad because they didn’t want to be unfairly labeled. As time went on, Steve just couldn’t stay out of the headlines, often met with backlash as big as his mustache. From the Miss Universe flub, to his meeting with Donald Trump, Harvey has spent a lot of time apologizing over the last few months. But this time-like many times, social media has blown his latest incident way out of proportion. The truth is, Steve Harvey doesn’t owe anybody an apology.

This week, someone in Steve’s camp released a memo to the press, in which Harvey indicated that he would be switching things up a bit. To Harvey’s dismay, the memo landed him back in boiling water.

Steve Harvey’s Shocking Memo to Talk Show Staff Surfaces: ‘Do Not Approach Me’

The backlash on social media was harsh (and of course, over the top).

Here’s the thing-even though nowadays, I tend to think Steve is out of his bald head ass mind more than usual, he gets a pass on this one. Can you imagine being persecuted for wanting ALONE time? Steve Harvey has 36 jobs, where he interacts with people on a regular basis. He is also a celebrity, which means he encounters people who invade his space on a regular basis. Maybe he’s tired?

What I do know is that people have a habit of being extremely entitled. Especially in the age of social media. It’s almost as if people are saying that Steve doesn’t deserve privacy because he’s a celebrity. When did it become a crime to ask people to make an appointment before stopping by an office? Why is it a big deal that he wants to be left alone when in the makeup chair? WE DON’T KNOW HIS LIFE. For all we know, the man PRAYS when he’s getting his makeup done. Maybe he talks to his mama. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter-it’s HIS time.

It seems that Harvey originally had an open door policy that had been taken advantage of way too often, by inconsiderate people. I mean, isn’t that what the letter says? Maybe he was tired of meeting people’s aunties, and listening to mixtapes by up and coming artists while on his way to take a piss. Maybe, just maybe Steve Harvey wants two seconds in his life to just breathe, before he has to get in the car and head to his 37th job. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

When did we become a generation of cry babies who are so easily offended by anything that isn’t a heart eye emoji? It has to stop. Steve Harvey has every right to set boundaries in the workplace, and I’m glad he’s sticking to them. We are not owed people’s time-ever. So please, leave the man alone, so he can go to work in peace! He has lots more bags, shoes, and pieces to buy Marjorie for Instagram, and y’all are blocking everybody’s blessings! I for one, agree with Steve this time, and that says an awful lot.

What do you guys think? Was the letter too harsh?


One thought on “Steve Harvey Has Nothing to Apologize For

  1. I agree. Steve shouldn’t have to apologize for that. He was referring to his staff. I’m sure Oprah, Magic Johnson etc. go through the same thing.

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