“Get Out”-5 Ways to Tell When a Black Person is in The Sunken Place

Two weeks ago, I was dragged to the theater to see “Get Out,” a movie I had already dubbed the worst movie of 2017. I went reluctantly, having run out of excuses not to go. I hadn’t even bothered watching the entire trailer. All I knew was that Jordan Peele, a well known comedian, was attempting to tackle issues of racism in the form of a “thriller,” and I simply wasn’t interested. But there I was, front and center, at a movie theater in Southwest Atlanta, surrounded by other anxious movie goers. Luckily, I also had a frozen margarita. This was the moment of truth.

The movie was f*cking great.

Five minutes into the film, I was overcome with shame for not at least giving the movie a chance. Newcomer Daniel Kaluuya (Chris), the unsuspecting boyfriend to Rose played by Allison Williams, put on an amazing performance all throughout.

The storyline focuses on Rose’s family and the cult like community they’re a part of. At first, the only Black people Chris comes in contact with are “the help,” Walter and Georgina. Put off by their unusual and somewhat erratic behavior, Chris finally decides he wants out. Unfortunately, it’s too late. He’s already been hypnotized by Rose’s mother, and auctioned off to one of their friends, destined to spend a lifetime in The Sunken Place.

A secret society, Rose’s family and close friends have spent the better part of their lives capturing Black people and using them for their wit, strength, artistic abilities, intelligence, style, and whatever else they can appropriate. They’ve removed the “soul” from the victims, only leaving part of what used to be, replacing the other half with highly technical, robotic features.

The overall message of the film takes a look at how racism isn’t always overt, rude, or easy to detect. It can be seemingly kind, well meaning, and inoffensive, but harmful just the same. Rose’s family and friends were only willing to “befriend” Black people on their terms, under certain circumstances. The Black people they interacted with had to be docile, happy, entertaining, useful, and subservient to even be considered a part of their  community.

After watching the movie, it dawned on me that there are some Negroes that we need to check in on-Ben Carson, and Kanye West, to name a few. So as an act of heroism, I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to tell when a Black person is in The Sunken Place. If you see these signs, call this guy: (People who’ve seen the movie will know what I’m talking about)

1.They’re always smiling. Sure. There’s certainly some things to smile about on occasion. But there ain’t no way in HELL, that as a Black person in America, you’re ALWAYS happy. After a while, you begin to notice the smiles seem forced. You hear that Wayne Brady and Terry Crews?!

2.They say things like “All Lives Matter.” They are constantly denying that anything could possibly be unjust. If you ask them if they’ve ever experienced racism, their response will be similar to Georgina’s.

3.They’ve expressed their support for Donald Trump. Here’s the honest to God truth-there’s no Black person in their right mind who should be supporting Trump. Therefore, if you have a Black friend or family member who’s expressed their support for the Tangerine Toddler, call 911 IMMEDIATELY. We are currently developing a plan to rescue Omarosa from the White House.

4.They start making complete fools of themselves for no reason. Acting as the entertainment for those around them, never having anything real or meaningful to say. I mean, take Cuba Gooding, Jr. for example. Look at his eyes. The eyes always tell the truth.

5.They only talk about racism when it’s convenient for them. For example, Nicki Minaj, OJ Simpson, Clarence Thomas…they all bring out the racism card when it benefits them. Otherwise, their name is “Bennett” and they ain’t in it!

So guys, now that you know the signs, please, save your fellow brothers and sisters! If you need assistance, locate the man pictured in the beginning of the post. Godspeed!

How did you like “Get Out?” Was it what you expected?





One thought on ““Get Out”-5 Ways to Tell When a Black Person is in The Sunken Place

  1. What at great analysis, and the signs you stated were dead on. It was definitely an eye opener. To me it was realization that the things we(blacks) take for granted and don’t use, someone(whites) are willing to use for us. They(whites) are so intrigued with the physical attributes of African Americans that they are stooping to a new low to scoop you up and put your body to use. I look at all the wasted talent amongst African American males and think to myself…..why not?
    If you are not using your assets why not give them up. This is for males and females hence the fact that they needed a female body for their grandma. #CrayCray

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