Obama Out & So Am I.

Tonight, President Obama will address the nation one last time in his much anticipated farewell speech. As I come to terms with what that really means, it’s hard to find solace. The reasons are a bit complicated, some of them easier to articulate than others, but all equally as hard to swallow. So as we prepare for what I know will be an emotional night, I’d like to reflect. I have more than a few things to say.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I’d react to President Obama leaving the White House. However, I spent absolutely no time pondering how I’d handle his Farewell Speech. When I realized that the speech would be tonight, I really couldn’t think of a productive, mature way to handle things, so I began to pout- Chanel Oberlin style.

Sure, I may be a drama queen, but excuse the hell out of me for not being completely ready for The Tangerine Toddler to take on the highest office in the land. I’m gonna need a minute.

Eight years ago, President Barack Hussein Obama became this nation’s first Black President. Born to a white mother and Kenyan father in Hawaii, and having spent his young adult days on the Southside of Chicago, our 44th President was already incredibly unique. Even though it was clear how much faith Barack had in our country, I’m still not entirely sure that even he believed that one day he’d live in the White House.

As a Black woman, I can tell you that I didn’t think I’d live to see the day that I’d have to mourn a Black President’s farewell speech, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I did. Now, in 2017, as we approach January 20th, when Donald The Tangerine Toddler Trump, a hateful, lying, misogynist with a bad toupee and the IQ of a pencil will be sworn into office, I am overcome with a sense of hopelessness, grief, and disappointment. It’s the exact opposite of what I felt when Obama was elected. I felt hope. I felt victorious, I felt validated.

Like most things that we love, President Obama will eventually leave us, and all that we’ll have left are the memories…but here’s the bright side: At least those memories are f*cking awesome.

Here are 14 of some of the best moments of the Obama Presidency.

 1. Little Black boys meeting President Obama is one of the greatest things about Obama’s Presidency. The look in their eyes, the awe, the simple fact that he was THERE means a lot. Representation matters, and I think it was definitely one of my favorite parts about the last 8 years.

2. Michelle Obama does car karaoke. 

3. Joe and Barack’s bromance.

4. The jokes that followed.

5. 106 year old Black woman Virginia McLaurin visits the White House.

6. Malia and Sasha’s sisterhood. That time Malia was Sasha’s wing girl.

7. Kendrick Lamar’s sheepish grin when meeting the President. Since President Obama has been in the White House, lots of other rappers have made it through its doors. Killer Mike, Queen Latifah, Wale, Common and Puff Daddy to name a few.

8. That time Obama sang Amazing Grace.

9. The times he put the haters in their place.

10. The time Prince George met the President in his bathrobe and he called it a “slap in the face.”

11. That time he sang Happy Birthday to Malia on a stage.

12. Michelle’s Dresses.

13. Any time it was Halloween at the White House.

14. Obama Out.

So essentially, this is a love letter, Mr. President. Even though I know you’ll probably never see it. It makes me feel better to write it. You were loved. You are loved. You will be missed. In my eyes, there will never be a classier family in the White House. You guys DID that. Thank you.


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  1. Omg he was so loved! I am so delighted that I was alive to witness his legacy and his amazing wife. He leaves and I am inspired to do anything, be anything, and to never let the odds defeat me. Because if you’re meant to run a county, you’ll run a country.

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