Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Violence, and How Social Media Ruined Celebrity

The great prophet Puff Daddy P. Diddy Sean Combs warned us back in 2009 of the b*tchassness epidemic sweeping the nation-unfortunately, none of us took him seriously. Almost a decade later, here we are, glued to our phones, watching Chris Brown and Soulja Boy threaten each other across the interwebs. In our defense, who among us could’ve ever predicted n*ggas would take it this far? We’re sorry, Puff.

How were we to know that Chris Brown, such a talented performer with such a bright future, would turn into an abusive, erratic, unlikable, overzealous social media user? I’d say it was a bit easier to predict Soulja Boy’s demise. After all, he launched his career on Youtube, and wore white sunglasses throughout most of the early 2000’s.

Sadly, Soulja Boy, whose career is on its way down the Hip Hop toilet-as evidenced by his appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood-has nothing better to do these days than to make threats from his camera phone. And apparently, neither does Chris Brown.

The two celebs have been making complete and utter fools of themselves for the last 72 hours, and I’m not sure they even realize it. It all started when Soulja Boy “liked” one of Karreuche’s photos on Instagram. Karreuche happens to be Mr. Brown’s ex, and apparently he called Soulja Boy up to warn him about double tappin’ anywhere near his ex girl. Prior to that, Chris Brown had been cyber flirting (stalking) with Karreuche for quite a while. After their break up, Brown also took the liberty of showing up in random places, being super aggressive and over the top, in an effort to get Karreuche back on #TeamBreezy.

When media outlets began to report on Chris’ recent behavior, he responded by saying that he was only commenting on his ex’s pics to make her feel “poppin.” Karreuche, tired of the back and forth between Chris and Soulja Boy, and I assume tired of Chris overall, decided to set the record straight with this post.

#Karrueche comments on this whole #SouljaBoy and #ChrisBrown feud #clapbackseason

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Chris didn’t like that response, and like most abusive people, he lashed out.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy gets no love in the hood, while trying to prove how many goons he has coming for Chris.

Fast forward to this morning, and Soulja Boy is apologizing to everybody.

Let’s talk about the violence:

(Via Brittany Bostic

ABC News  covered a story where they interviewed a Chicago resident that showed correspondents how sites were used by gang members to promote violence. It showed how gangs used social media sites to make threats, “call out” rival gangs, promote violence and recruit members. This activity led to real “Stomp-Outs”, real shootings, and real deaths.

In addition to direct violence from social media, a new trend called  “Fight Compilations” has become increasingly popular on sites such as World Star Hip Hop and YouTube. Fight Compilations are videos composed of fight snippets that everyday people record, usually on their cell phones.

So while Chris Brown and Soulja Boy pretend to be gang members who live on the streets of Compton, real people are taking these images in, real gang members are getting involved, and real violence could potentially happen. What’s more, is that according to ResearchGate, the most recent comprehensive review of the effects of violent media found ‘‘unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long-term contexts.’’

This makes me particularly angry because Chris Brown is a pop star who sings and pop locks, and Soulja Boy is probably one of the least scary rappers in Hip Hop history. Why are we doing this? Why must the b*tchassness persist?

It’s becoming more and more clear that social media is slowly but surely changing what it means to be a celebrity. Unfortunately, thanks to platforms like Twitter and Instagram, celebrities no longer have the same appeal, the same mystique, that same umph. Their stock has plummeted.Thanks to our 24/7 access to celebrities we love (and hate), we are able to see celebrities in their good, their bad, and their sho’ nuff ugly.

Sure, it’s possible that some of you want to see celebrities doing regular things, acting a damn fool and putting their feet in their mouths on a daily basis, but I have to be honest-I don’t. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are a very good example of why that is.

I’d like to leave something to the imagination if that’s at all possible in this day and age. I’d like to be excited when a celebrity makes an appearance, or when they do an interview. But celebrities’ constant use of social media has ruined that for us, and the truth is, in cases like Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, it’s ruined how many of us view them, and that will definitely cost them in the long run. It would be great if we could go back to a simpler time when the only opportunity we’d have to see a celeb f*cking up is if the paparazzi happened to get a good angle, or if a journalist had a secret sit down with a leak. But it seems we live in a time where celebrities don’t mind being their own full time cameramen, and their very own inescapable downfall.



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  1. The match is being organized by boxer Floyd Mayweather, who will also be training Soulja Boy for the fight.

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