Why Beyonce Should’ve Brought Her A** to the Soul Train Awards


I wasn’t always a member of the Beyhive. It wasn’t too long ago that I was talking lots of sh*t about Beyonce’s performance at the Grammy’s, and how much I hated it.

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But since then, I’ve moved on, I took a sip of Lemonade, and I got with the program. Beyonce made me love her again with her bold performance at the Super Bowl, her philanthropic work, and her dedication to Black liberation. I admired how she finally seemed to be embracing her Blackness, and encouraging her fans all around the globe to do the same. I dug the Beyonce with the hotsauce in her bag. I mean, how could you hate her?

Just as I was finally getting comfy cozy with Bey, and ready to claim my allegiance to the Beyhive, I watched the Soul Train Awards. Per usual, she wasn’t there.


This isn’t the first time that Beyonce’s failed to show face at an award show tailored to Black people. She and Jay often miss the Soul Train, BET, NAACP, and TV One awards, citing their busy schedules. To be fair, Jay & Bey aren’t the only popular celebs who are typically absent from our award shows. Major players like Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye, etc, are also nowhere to be found when their names are called at the podium. That bothers me.

While it’s not Beyonce’s job to set the standard, I’m sure we all can agree that she usually does. It would be nice if she’d make a habit out of supporting the award shows that are meant to honor us, especially now that she’s officially taken her #BlackLivesMatter stance. If Black artists are going to covet award shows like The Oscar’s, The Grammy’s, and the AMA’s, I think it’s their duty to take their own award shows just as seriously.

Time and time again, Black artists and artists of color have been overlooked by “white” organizations, and I think it’s time that we covet the accolades coming from within our own communities, and appreciate the effort, love, and respect that our own people are trying to show us.



4 thoughts on “Why Beyonce Should’ve Brought Her A** to the Soul Train Awards

  1. BeyoncĂ© doesn’t have any dedication to black liberation . She used her blackness and supposed awareness of the injustice of black people to get more coins and attention.

  2. Agree, Ms. Jones. I guess NAACP, BET and the other award shows are not big enough for her and the others, who don’t attend.

  3. You are definitely on point. I googled why Beyonce never attends NAACP Image awards and you popped up. Now they wanna boycott the Grammy’s ha!

  4. THIS IS SUCH AN ISSUE! Thanks!!!! Black artists could protest muc moe effectively if they simply turns up at all the black shows and started boycotting the White mainstream ones.

    Imagine if Adele followed suit and we saw her at the Soul Train Awards? The press it would give the show and how it could highlight the black excellence at these shows to a much wider audience

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