Mary J Blige Interviews Hillary Clinton & Here’s What Was Said (I Think)


Last night, I was befuddled to find the incomparable Queen of Hip Hop Soul serenading the Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as she sat there, frozen, trying to understand just what in the hell was going on??

Had she fallen into a Negro spiritual black hole? Was she on Rainbow’s clearance aisle? Had she stumbled upon a batch of Bill’s old freaky playlists? Just what in the 90’s R&B hell was happening?! Any why now?

Had Mary’s divorce taken a toll on her? Was she Goin’ Down 1994 style?

Mary J Blige is Getting a Divorce, So We’re About to Get Some FIRE Music

The truth is, none of us are quite sure. Most of us are only able to feel two emotions: Sad and confused.



As a super Mary fan, I thought nothing could possibly be as devastating as MJB singing about crispy chicken wraps for Burger King, but I stand corrected. I was wrong. MJB singing to HRC about police brutality has officially taken the cake.

For now, all we can do is wait in anticipation for the full “interview,” and an intervention at the hands of Puff Daddy, himself.




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