Scam Newton: A 2016 Tale


(S)Cam Newton dabbed his way into our hearts last year. We couldn’t get enough of the young athlete and his willingness to be what we interpreted as unapologetically Black.We enjoyed the spectacle, and quite frankly, the audacity. In late 2015, Newton, a Panthers quarterback, received an unexpected letter from a Tennessee mom who unlike much of the Black community, wasn’t impressed with Newton at all. As a matter of fact, she was pissed, calling the player “arrogant” and a “spoiled brat.” It was strange to say the least.


Newton’s dab became somewhat of a tradition, and the more frequently it occurred on the field, the angrier his critics got.

And per usual, while white folk were talking sh*t because (S)Cam was celebrating in a way they didn’t understand, Black folk were coming to his defense, cheering him on from the sidelines and encouraging the Panther to dab on ’em “for the culture.”

“No class,” was an oft-used dog whistle employed by Newton’s critics, but we knew what they really meant.

He was too GOOD and he was acting too BLACK.

In the beginning of the year (S)Cam Newton made a statement saying that he was “an African American quarterback, and that may scare some people.” Fast forward to June, he’d put the dab to rest, and now this month, he’s claiming that racism is dead, and that we are all “the same color.”


This all comes on the heels of the controversial stance taken by 49er’s Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand to acknowledge the National Anthem last week. (S)Cam Newton, along with a few other sell outs, (Tiki Barber, Jerry Rice, etc.) decided to use their very large platforms to express how much they disagreed with Colin, and to assure the government, police departments, racists, and white America that they were in fact, doing nothing wrong. Business as usual.

Newton’s consistently cowardly acts have led me to but one conclusion-he scammed us all.

Up until now, Black people had been #TeamCam. We’d stood behind him when he was being unfairly targeted, and we made sure to let him know, and anybody else who asked, that he had our full support.

But now Newton’s done a complete 180. All of a sudden, racism is a thing of the past, and apparently we’re all the same shade of beige. (Who knew?) And now, unfortunately, like Stacey Dash, Raven Symone, Don Lemon, and many others who were up for trade in the 2016 Racial Draft, the National Black People Coalition of America is going to have to trade Newton for Colin Kaepernick. (S)Cam Newton, you’ve been officially un-invited from our annual conferences.

You scammed your way into our hearts, just like Orenthal Simpson. We’ll never forget it. We’ll never forgive it. Have fun in the Big House, (S)Cam Newton. The rest of us will be out here in the streets, schools, the field, doin’ the work.

I rarely agree with Stephen A, but check this out.


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