Bonding Over Bundles: Episode 6 of WE TV’s “Cutting it in the ATL”


Well it looks like the smoke may be clearing among the hair divas in the ATL, but let’s not speak too soon. Something tells me that the ladies aren’t going to be able to keep it classy that much longer.

This episode starts off with Beautii, Maja and Lakenya catching up over drinks to rehash all of the drama that had gone down over the last few weeks. While LaKenya and Beautii seemed to be completely over everything, and everybody, Beautii somehow saw a glimmer of hope for the group.


She thought it would be a good idea to host a “Peace” dinner at her house. (Dedra didn’t get an invite.)

Speaking of Dedra, her new beauty school was finally coming together. She and ol’ Project Pat couldn’t wait to make the other girls “jealous.” Dedra even poured out some champagne to pay her respects to her competition’s deceased careers.


Later on in the show, the girls gathered at Beautii’s place for dinner. Mushiya arrived with a few bags of groceries, and decided to throw down in the kitchen alongside the hostess. It turns out that Mushiya was a “distraction” for Beautii, causing her to burn her beans to a crisp. Yikes!


To everyone’s surprise, Maja, LaKenya, and Mushiya were getting along like long, lost childhood friends, which left Beautii feeling like a 4th wheel in her own home. Not only were the girls getting along, but they were mocking her AND her cooking! Of course, Beautii didn’t take too kindly to that, and she put the Three Musketeers out before they could even finish their food.


Meanwhile, Devilish Dedra was on the other side of town, working alongside Stephen High Brow Webster-against her will. The two were participating in a fashion show in conjunction with KONTROL magazine, and they simply couldn’t STAND it!

Before I knew it, Dedra had asked Stephen if he had a bra on, and things got REAL. Steven followed up with an insult of his own, informing Dedra that he knew of an experienced dog trainer who trained B*tches like her. I had to clutch my pearls! THE SHADE!


As the show came to a close, Beautii and Mushiya met up in an effort to clear the air, but nothing good came of it. Beautii was trying to convince Mushiya that she was responsible for the burnt beans, and Mushiya was trying to get Beautii to understand that in her culture,  sharing the kitchen was a sign of respect and friendship. Beautii decided that she didn’t want that kind of friendship or respect-she wanted to cook in her kitchen-ALONE.

She started dropping F bombs left and right, and not so kindly excused herself from the table. She was officially OVER Mushiya, and per usual, Mushiya simply didn’t give a f*ck. She finished her glass of lemon water and asked for the check.


Can these ladies finally let their hair down, and get on the same page? I doubt it. But we’ll see on the next episode of #CuttingitintheATL Will YOU be watching?



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