8 Things People Who Were Born After 1987 Do That Drive Us 80’s Babies Crazy


Today, like most days, a debate broke out on Twitter. This time, we weren’t arguing about child support, $200 dates, or what it means to be a ho. No, today, ladies and gentlemen, we were fighting about who’s better-80’s or 90’s babies.

So guys, here are the cold, hard facts-80’s babies do it better.


And if we’re keeping it ALL the way real, I prefer humans born in 1987, and before. I feel this way for many reasons, but too far too many to discuss right here, right now. So that’ll have to come in another post.

Nevertheless, I felt it was time to settle this debate once and for all. Generation X, Generation Z, Millennials…do we really know what any of it means? No. But what we can confirm is that people who were born in the 80’s are just better people overall. Here’s the data:

People born in the 90’s and 00’s are 110% more likely to be annoying. 

For example, some of the 90’s babies had some jokes for us old heads on Twitter today. See below.

Granted, I’ve done all of these things, the fact remains that it’s kinda hard to try and “play” an 80’s baby. We’re too cool. Here are 8 things that people born after 1987 do that get under the civilized population’s skin.

1. Terrible taste in music.


I mean, you guys worship “artists” like Fetty Wap, Young Thug, Lil Uzi and other dudes I can’t understand when they rap. Horrible people to look up to if you wanna know what actual Hip Hop is. And NO, nobody wants to hear “trap” music all day and night. What do you listen to while you clean???

2. You guys think you invented everything. You pay absolutely NO homage to those that came before you. 

Do you even know who “At Your Best” really belongs to?

3. You guys have a dumb ass dance for every song.

Watch me WHIP, WHIP, watch me NAE NAE! Hit the QUAN! I blame Soulja Boy. It’s my belief that he’s solely responsible for kickin’ off these weird, hypnotic, chanty-singy songs. “Crank That” was the beginning of rap dance purgatory.

4. Lazy.

You entitled little em effers probably don’t even know what the Dewy Decimal System is. Everything is so easy to access, and you’re so used to things being at your little ungrateful fingertips. There is no understanding of having to work to get a reward. When you have to sharpen a pencil with a manual sharpener, and tear the edges off of your paper to make “loose leaf” for years in school, take pictures that you actually had to “develop,” record a song off of the radio, or find pay phones if you ever needed to talk to someone when you weren’t at home, get back to me.

4. Social media rehab.

 Teen Social Media Addiction is a behavioral disorder in which teens become so preoccupied and obsessed with social media that it distracts them from engaging in the real world, and in turn, causes harmful effects on multiple aspects of their lives.  While many teenagers engage in some form of social media (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, and video games) and consider it a daily part of their lives, Teen Social Media Addiction is characterized by the level of this use being so extreme that it negatively affects the relationships and responsibilities in the teens’ lives.


5. You guys don’t actually want to be kids.

You think you’re adults. What kinda proms are THESE?


I agree, girl! What are y’all gonna do at your weddings??

6. You wear headphones all the time.

Take the damn headphones out of your little jerk ears. Adults are talking to you. How in the hell are you going to know if you’re in danger of being hit by a car or robbed if your music is BLASTING, and your headphones are always in? You all will be deaf by the time you hit 40. What are you listening to? Jesus?

7. Horrible slang.


8. You text in another language.

No one can understand what you’re saying. Please use English when texting people born in 1987 and before. We don’t know what the hell you are talking about, and we don’t have time to decode.


Here’s the thing, this post was done in jest. But I AM highly concerned about “kids these days.” Is this how our parents felt about US? Yikes!

80’s babies, what are some other things that grind your gears about these “new” kids?



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