“Death at a Funeral”: Episode 4 of WE TV’s “Cutting it in the ATL”


We’re four episodes into the second season of Cutting it in the ATL, and it doesn’t look like these girls are going to play nice anytime soon. I had hope that eventually, the women would come to their senses, and figure out a way to make money TOGETHER, but then I remembered that with this group, “All is fair in hair and war.”

The show opened with Maja setting the record straight. For her, it has and always will be “Bundles over B*tches.” She is certainly about her coin, and if you’re not talking money, you’re not really speaking her language. That probably explains why she and Beautti STILL can’t get on the same page. The pair met up to chat about Beautii’s business proposition, but Beautii’s empty receipt book was just another nail in her coffin, as far as Maja was concerned.


Speaking of coffins, Devilish Dedra and Pimpin’ Pat were on the other side of town making funeral arrangements for Miss Maja Sly, and I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a shadier plan than THIS.


Back at the hair shop, Maja Sly is none the wiser, and she spends her day catching up with a friend over champagne and gossip. The friend happens to be the one and only Mr. Steven Webster, AKA “A very high brow stylist in a VERY low brow world.”


Steven wants to honor Maja at his annual event, and true to character, she is THRILLED. Maja calls to share the good news with Beautii J, hoping that her friend would share her excitement-she didn’t.

Instead, Beautii threw on her fur, and tipped on over to Steven’s shop, which happens to be across the street from hers. She was dying to know why she had not been nominated for an award. It hurts me to say it, but Beautii was being a HATER. During her chat with Steven, she finds out that Devilish Dedra and Poncho Pat had been invited to the event. But instead of raising a red flag, she kept her little glossy lips shut, excited about the “payback” that was coming Maja’s way.


Fast forward to Maja’s event. Steven had done a good job of setting everything up. People were schmoozing and sipping on fine wine. Things were going great.


But while Steven was at the podium, reading off Maja’s accolades, Dedra and Pat were pulling up to the side of the building in a hearse, dressed in all black like the omen.

Just as Maja took the stage, Pat began handing out obituaries to the guests. She interrupted Maja’s speech, hollering and screaming about how much of a phony Maja was. To her credit, Maja managed to keep her cool, as well as that signature smile plastered on her face. Devlish Dedra stood on the sidelines, cackling and hollering, and eventually Maja’s friends were ready to engage in fisticuffs.


Really and truly, I wish these women would understand that there is enough money to go around. One thing I know about Atlanta is that women ALWAYS need their hair done. I wonder what about Miss Maja rubs most of these women the wrong way? Is there something we just don’t know?


I guess we’ll find out on the next episode this Thursday at 10 PM on WE TV. Will YOU be watching?


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