“I Can’t ‘Un-Pump’ Myself If I Tried”: Episode 3 of WE TV’s “Cutting it in the ATL”


Episode 3 of WE TV’s Cutting it in the ATL aired last week, and I think it’s fair to say that most of the girls have no idea what Mushiya is doing. Staring at my TV screen, I have to admit, I kinda feel the same way. Just what in the natural hair hell has Mushiya got up her tasseled sleeve?


In the opening, we learned that Maja was being honored by her alma mater, Alabama A&M. In her words, they wanted her to ride on a float “like a Queen.” *insert Maja Sly crazy smile*

Maja, thrilled about what was in store, asked her ride or die, Ms. Beautii J to tag along. Although Beautii was more interested in taking a trip to the Carribean, being the good gal pal that she is, she was willing to settle for a road trip to Alabama to support her friend.

The two also made a deal that while there, Beautii would prove that she had the skills to bring in customers. If she was successful, Maja promised her that they’d talk about her investing in Spoiled Opulence Express.

Little did they know, over at Runway Curls, Mushiya was packing for a trip of her own. That’s right, she was headed to Alabama along with her new ambassador LaKenya to stir up some trouble. But not before she made a pit stop at a small beauty salon along the way to raise Hell.


When Mushiya arrived to the small, country town, she decided the best way to make a good impression was to insult everyone in the salon. From dropping the “F Bomb” every five minutes to telling the ladies that all of their hair was going to fall out, she definitely made an impression.


Now whether that impression was a good or a bad one…we may never know. It looks like this lady has an idea, though.


I’m gonna go with “bad.”

Maja and Beautii arrive in Alabama, and begin to set up for the parade, only to find that Maja’s float is nowhere to be found. So they have to improvise. Maja is running around like a chicken with her head cut off, and Beautii is trying her best to help. But before they know it, they’re confronted with another unwelcome surprise. Exhibit A:


Mushiya is there with her whole RunWay Curl team, yelling, and singing, and dancing and laughing at Maja’s misfortune. To add insult to injury, Mushiya orders her ambassadors to stand right beside Maja’s float with their banners.

But no worries. Maja snatched those banners faster than Beyonce could snatch your edges and that, girls, was THAT. While all of this was going on, Lakenya was standing on the sidelines observing, and finally decided that she had had enough of Mushiya’s bad attitude. And just like that, LaKenya, in a notable scorned woman move, stood in the middle of the street and cut Mushiya’s RunWay Curls right out of her own head. It was a protest of sorts. It was all good though, because later, she got hooked up with a new do.


LaKenya ended up on the float with Maja and Beautii, apologizing profusely. Hopefully, this will be the last time LaKenya puts herself in this kind of a predicament. If there is one thing I agree with Mushiya on, it’s that LaKenya needs a backbone!

As the show came to a close, Beautii was having lots of trouble getting people to the Spoiled Opulence booth, and things were definitely not looking good for her and Maja’s new joint business venture. Maybe Maja will still give her a chance?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Devilish Dedra and Ms. Pat were in Atlanta plotting on Maja. Those two are SERIOUS about bringing Maja to her knees. Yikes!


I guess we’ll find out what exactly they’ve got up their sleeves, on the next episode of Cutting it in the ATL. Will YOU be watching?



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