Cutting It in the ATL Episode 1&2: Call 911-The Weave Mafia is in Town


Well it’s a new year and my favorite Hotlanta hair mavens are back in business. Just when we thought the ladies might have a chance at playing nice, we learned that “nice” gets you nowhere in the ATL hair game!

The season opened up with everybody trying to play my girl Maja Sly. Word on the street was that Maja had shops closing left and right around town, and that $50 Walk-In Weaves was on its way out.


But like the true friend/investigative reporter she is, Beautii J came straight to the source. Beautii, who had invested $10,000 dollars in the Pretty Hair brand wanted to know just what was going on with Maja and what she could be expecting now that her investment was on the line.

Maja and Beautii ended up smoothing things over, Maja explaining that her coins were definitely in order, but later on, she learned that Beautii’s line of questioning was just the least of her worries.

While Maja was dealing with Beautii, Dedra and her MESSY sidekick Tre Stylez were running around town telling everybody who would listen that Maja Sly was a fraud. The two had run into a triple O hair G by the name of Patricia Thompson who claimed that Maja had stolen the $50 Walk-In Weave concept right from under her wig cap. Dedra is SO petty that she even went on the radio to solidify Patricia’s claims, shocking the hair community with the news. After hearing the broadcast, ol Ms. Patricia vowed to take Maja out of her misery for good.


While everyone else seemed to be bothered by Dedra’s antics, Maja Sly remained as cool as the other side of the pillow. I’m not sure whether it was the Xanax or her icy cold heart, but Maja simply had better things to do than to concern herself with Dedra, AKA “Ghostface Killa.” (Those are Maja’s words, not mine).

While Dedra was spending her free time giving Maja free press, Beautii was working on another business plan of her own. After visiting a local college campus with her son, she realized that her services were needed on college campuses throughout the Atlanta metro. And just like that, Spoiled Oppulence Express was born. That’s right, hair do’s on the go. Sadly, however, things weren’t ready to take off just yet. Ms. Beautii needed investors. Naturally, she asked her good friend Maja, and simply put, Maja needed to see the numbers. Unfortunately, Beautii wasn’t able to supply them, so Maja kept her purse closed, and her ears to the streets.

On the other side of town, Mushiya was hovering over a boiling pot of mischief, as she cultivated a plan to drag LaKenya back into her web of natural hair. LaKenya, a new business owner, looking for opportunities of all kinds, agreed to partner with Mushiya and become a brand ambassador for her natural hair line. Interestingly enough, Maja, has also made her way into the natural hair game, and LaKenya is working for them both-but not for long.


When Maja got a whiff of what Mushiya was cooking up, she dropped LaKenya before she could say “Pretty Hair.” It was tragic.

As the show comes to an end, Patricia Thompson, who is now Maja’s worst enemy, arrives at Maja’s shop, in full cowgirl apparel. There was a new Hair Sheriff in town, she declared, and she was just stopping by to make sure Maja understood.

But Maja, being the classy woman she is, did try to have a civil conversation with Ms. Patricia to no avail. She ended up having to call the real sheriff to escort Ms. Patricia and her cowgirl hat off of the premises.


Whew! Honey,things are getting REAL shady in these Atlanta hair streets, and I’m not sure what will happen between these ladies this season. But one thing’s for sure, these divas aren’t going down without a fight.

Tune in to WETV next Thursday at 9PM to catch the next episode of Cutting it in the ATL.


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