8 Celebrities Who are Down to Ride & 8 Celebrities Who Ain’t


This has been a rough week. It literally feels like there’s a war going on. And maybe there is. With back to back police involved shootings, and now the chaos in Dallas, tensions are extremely high. And celebrities, who are usually relatively quiet about current events, are speaking out, and like many of us, they’re pissed. Some of them, on the other hand, aren’t so pissed, and rather be drinking Ciroc on a beach, but either way, I’ve compiled a list. Click below.


1. Don Cheadle

Well I always knew I loved Don Cheadle, but I’m thinking after this week, it’s pretty official. Not only is this guy a phenomenal actor, but he really speaks his mind. Maybe playing the role of Miles Davis has gotten to him?

2. Montell Williams

I’ve been spending the last two years referring to Montell Williams as a “bald head scallywag” because of his attacks on Deray McKesson. But with this one tweet, Williams has slightly redeemed himself. This tweet is a reaction to former congressman Joe Walsh telling President Obama and “Black Lives Matter punks” to “watch out.”

3. John Legend

John Legend, like Jesse Williams, uses his platform to speak out against injustices ALL the time. And we love him for it.

4. Kirk Franklin

Lawd, they done made Kirk cuss.

5. DL Hughley

Most of us know D.L. Hughley as the funny guy. Well he hasn’t been doin much laughing these days. Hughley told CNN reporter Chris Cuomo that he sleeps with his clothes on in case his children need him in the middle of the night.

Stay woke. #altonsterling #PhilandoCastile #TeamDl

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6. Beyonce

Bey has gone from “Beyonce” to “Yonce” in what seems like overnight. The Queen did not come to play. And she makes that very clear in her recent message.


7. Zoe Kravitz

8. Tichina Arnold

Most of us know her as “Pam.” And even though that’s not who she is in real life, one thing her and Pam have in common is the ability to say whatever is on their minds.


*Honorable Mention

Don Lemon

Typically, Don Lemon is a nightmare. Usually, he only speaks Clarence Thomas, and none of us can really make out what he’s saying. But yesterday? Yesterday was different. Even Le-Mone was fed up. That’s how we know sh*t is REALLY bad. Look at the other Black guy in the clip, HE can’t even believe what he’s hearing.


1. Maxwell

Sure, Maxwell can sing his ass off, and he is Zaddy times 10, but he doesn’t quite seem to get what’s happening in this country. Because he’s beige in color, he seems to think “color” isn’t the issue here. Many of us beg to differ.

2. Wendy Williams

Wendy, girl. You haven’t been relevant in a looooong time. And you show us why every time you open that trap.

3. Raven Symone

The same one who doesn’t want to be “labeled” as Black has no problem being labeled an “American.” Go say the Pledge of Allegiance, and have a seat Raven. You manage to miss the point every time.

4. Kim K

Because Kim K and her entire family just loooooove Black men and Black culture, we thought at least one of them would speak out against police violence. Instead, Kim posted this in the midst of the tragedies.

Then, after getting A LOT of backlash, she posted this.

Girl, thanks and all, but you’ve already been SEENT.

5. Bow Wow

First of all, Bow Wow, nobody was really looking for you to say anything. But secondly, we definitely don’t want you to say anything if it’s by force. Say it with your chest little n*gga. Further, when you finally DO speak, say something important. What you said here was just a bunch of mess.

6. Kevin Hart

I like Kevin. I think he’s a good guy. I actually interviewed him once. But is Kevin down to ride when it comes to this #BlackLivesMatter thing? Probably not. He still believes tweeting things like “Love Conquers All” will solve the problem. Love is definitely what the world needs more of, but Kevin really never addresses the real issue at hand-a racist system. Maybe he’s afraid he’ll lose all his endorsements and that they’ll knock him down from 11 movies a year to 7. I don’t know. But whatever the reason is, Kevin keeps mum on most issues.

7. DeionSanders

Here’s a little TRUTH for you, Deion- #AllLivesMatter was created as a direct response to #BlackLivesMatter and as a Black man, you look like a damn fool tweeting that.

8. Fetty Wap

There needs to be a way for Publicists to lock their celebrity client’s phones. Personally, I’m sick of them just tweeting whatever. If Fetty Wap claims to not know what the implications of #AllLivesMatter are, my question is HOW? Who is your publicist? More importantly, where the f*ck have you been? No excuse.

*Honorable Mention

Rep. John Lewis- It sure breaks my heart to write this, because I respect what this man has done for the movement. But as of late, he’s been saying and doing some questionable things. While I DO know that Rep. Lewis is down to ride, he still gets this honorable mention, because this tweet is just plain ridiculous.



One thought on “8 Celebrities Who are Down to Ride & 8 Celebrities Who Ain’t

  1. Some of these responses are very disturbing. I really need people to RALLY in a major way. ESPECIALLY the black men in entertainment. Know that your deals and endorsements only last as long as you’re entertaining the same men who are murdering your BROTHERS. smh…

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