9 Questions I Have After Last Night’s BET Awards


It’s that time of year of again-time to recap the BET Awards, that is. Last night, our friends over at Black Entertainment Television delivered yet another captivating award show that we’ll remember for years to come. From amazing Prince tributes, to some not so amazing performances, the BET Awards, like always, if nothing else, gave us something to talk about. After watching, I have 9 pressing questions that I need answered.

1. Are we sure BET didn’t kidnap MC Lyte and only lets her out to use her voice for award shows?

2. Since Alicia Keys married Swizz Beatz, does that automatically make her Alicia Beatz? Who was that on stage last night?

3. When did Future and Drake become a “group?”

4.Did the BET Awards make Bilal late for his sew-in appointment, or did his sew-in appointment make him late for the BET Awards? Those cornrows were prepped and ready to go.

5.What do we have to do to stop Nicki Minaj from winning Best Female Hip Hop artist next year? She’s not really the BEST anything, if we’re being honest.

6.During Desiigner’s performance, did Fabolous want to

a)Slap Desiigner?


c)Mourn the current state of Hip Hop?

7.What was Maxwell thinking here? Like Maxwell, I often wondered what was going on on stage.

8.Will Samuel Leroy Jackson ever find his chill?

9. Was Bobby Brown eating and drinking Popeye’s and Hennessy or KFC and Ciroc before he came out on stage last night?

Do you guys have any questions you need answered about the award show last night? I’m sure you do. Comment below.


2 thoughts on “9 Questions I Have After Last Night’s BET Awards

  1. Bobby Brown’s kids need to learm the etiquette of stage presence. Those boys chewing gum and lookinng nonchalant as though they could’nt be bothered was annoying! And Alicia Keyes’ performance… what the hell! What was she her own band?

  2. Totally agree with u on question 5. Ugh. I just knew Remy or Kim was gonna win this time.

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