8 Possible Titles for Rachel Dolezal’s Upcoming Documentary


Just when we thought Rachel Dolezal had made her home somewhere in a small (mostly Black, of course) neighborhood on the outskirts of some city, making a living by braiding hair and doing sew-ins, never to be heard from again, she pops up on the campus of Howard University. And of ALL things, she’s filming a movie.

That’s right. Dolezal is at it again. She is now in the process of making a documentary.

Apparently the doc will be about race and identity in America.

Because all I can do at this point in the game is laugh, I’ve come up with 8 possible titles for her upcoming documentary.

1. Waiting to Ex Kale

Whether she wants to be or not, Rachel Dolezal is whiter than white. And one thing that we DO know about white people is they like Whole Foods. And another thing we know about white people is that they certainly like kale. I’m sure it’s been hard for Rachel to “ex” that kale out of her diet and transition over to collard greens, but a sista’s gotta do, what a sista’s gotta DO!

2. Black-Ish-A Memoir


3. New Black Biddy

Rough and tough with her afro puffs, Rachel is out ‘chere in these streets!


4. A Different Curl


5. Orange Is the New Black: The Beginning


6. A Time to Steal

Member that time Rachel Dolezal said she painted things, but she really didn’t?


7.I Know Why the Beige Bird Sings


8.White Sugar

Where was Rachel when she first fell in love with Hip Hop? Right there in the Bronx, THAT’S where! Whoops, this isn’t Rachel.

Iggy Azalea by Robert Wunsch

I’m interested in seeing the final product. Any other suggestions on what the documentary should be called??

*By the way, Howard University later released a statement saying that they had not approved any filming on its campus.


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