Ungrateful or Understanding: The Engagement Ring Debate


Engagement rings can be a touchy subject. Nobody really has any idea what the perfect engagement ring looks like, but what we DO know is that we hope nobody talks sh*t about it. Unfortunately, this week, things took a turn for the worst when a young lady tweeted a picture of her engagement ring to her followers.

Chile, things got heated soon after.

The Internet is ruthless. People were throwing shade left and right. Twitter was a real dark place for about two whole hours that day. But it got me to thinkin’: Is the size of the engagement ring really that important?

Like, if the man of my dreams proposed to me right now with that ring, would I take it? Well, the answer is Hell Yes.


Then I slept on it, woke up, and thought: “But would I feel confident enough to tweet a picture of it?”

The truth is, I have no idea, and probably will never know because the man I will marry has a big ego and I’m sure the ring will be just as big.

But if we’re being honest, I’d also appreciate a man who gets me a ring he can afford. Being good with finances is sexy.

I wonder, how many people think that the bigger the ring, the bigger your man’s love for you? Is a woman who won’t accept the ring ungrateful, and is the woman who does just too understanding? How would you feel if your man proposed with that same ring? Men, would you propose with that ring? Comment below.


One thought on “Ungrateful or Understanding: The Engagement Ring Debate

  1. I didn’t get a big ring….I do know it was what he could afford at the moment. That told me that he is careful about over spending. I still love my ring but I’m OK with upgrading next year or in five years when he can afford a bigger ring. Marriage nor a proposal is defined by a ring. I know plenty of men who purchased expensive rings and treat their women like shit. Bigger is not always better, its how you perform(your actions) that show your love. Similar to the penis size. You can have the biggest penis but if you don’t know how to work that thang……boy stop!

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