Ayesha, Steph & the Lusty Chic in the Stands


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Steph and Ayesha Curry met at the Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina when they were teens. They’re like the Cosby family of professional sports. By the grace of God, they’ve managed to stay scandal free throughout Curry’s amazing career. Ayesha Curry spends her free time making fresh squeezed lemonade and baking cakes with their adorable daughter, Riley (who may or may not be more famous than both of them combined). This week, however, the Internet was ready for a scandal. They’d had enough of this picture perfect family, they wanted the DIRT.

See “dirt” below:


Now, I have to admit, this picture is definitely rated PG 13. Ol’ girl is licking her finger like she just finished up a box of Popeye’s 2 piece chicken on a Tuesday. But I’m not quite ready to throw Ayesha and Steph in a pile with Kobe & Vanessa, Magic & Cookie, and Michael & Juanita quite yet. I’ve got proof that there’s no way Steph Curry is cheating.

Exhibit A


These boots are laced all the way to the top. I mean, nobody does that. The truth is, Steph Curry is a certified square. It’s clear from this pic that he’s not even thinking about new booty.

Exhibit B

The only thing this guy cares about is making multiple DubSmash videos with his wife in bed-NOT trying to get other women INTO his bed.

Exhibit C


Riley Curry is going to tell.

It’s obvious that this little girl knows how to text, tweet, and call the police if need be. Ain’t NO affairs happening in the Curry household without Riley Curry knowing. Trust me. She’s read all of her daddy’s text messages and emails, and everything has checked out.

But let’s get serious for a minute. Although I seem to be taking this pretty lightly, I don’t think it’s at all funny how excited some people are about the possibility of Steph Curry cheating on his wife.

What have we come to when we look forward to the day a man cheats on his wife, or vice versa? Anything for a story, I guess. Either way, I’m wishing the Curry family nothing but the best. I DO want to know why ol’ girl was sucking on her fingers though.


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