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Have you ever wondered how people go vegan, and why? Do you want to get more in touch with your self, be a better you inside, and out? Well today’s Feature Friday profile is perfect for you. Meet Shantavia Nia, a young entrepreneur and Harlem, New York native. Click below to check out the interview.

1. What sparks your interest about food, health, diet, wellness?

Natural food is medicine! Additionally, with good health along with a positive mental attitude, you can live out your purpose longer. I’ve always been a foodie since I can remember! I was exposed to how certain foods and herbs can help with various ailments from my maternal grandma when I was a child. I’ve always gave unsolicited advice on healthy food and decided to make it my career. In 2015, I resigned from a career working at a college to pursue my holistic health and wellness passion. Starting in August 2016, I will be a certified Health Coach and will be doing consultations via Skype, in person or by phone.

2. When did you go vegan, what prompted the decision, and what steps did you take? 

This lifestyle didn’t happen overnight. It was a journey. It started when I did a big chop on my hair when I was 20 years old and decided to be vegetarian. I experienced a shift in my conscious and wanted to be free from a lot of things I used to be addicted to. I also saw how elders in my family and community were getting sick from living lifestyles that were poor nutritionally and high in alcohol and drugs. I shifted to being more health conscious. When I was in college, I even did an informative and persuasive speech on the meat industry and the benefits of having a meat-free diet. Looking back, the signs were there that this is my calling!..Sometimes I slipped up and had some poultry, but I would do a cleanse and move forward. I’ve been back and fourth between vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan since my early 20’s. Now, my diet is primarily vegan and once in awhile I eat wild caught or sustainable farmed fish from Whole Foods.

3. Not only are you interested in foods, but you’re interested in essential oils. Why are they important?

Essentials oils can be used for healing as well. The power of scent is amazing. Essential oils can be incorporated into household cleaning, food, spiritual rituals, beauty products or rituals, and for aroma therapy.



4.You make handmade crochet items, and create canvas art. Where can we find it, and what are some of your favorite pieces?

  I normally post things on the store on my blog ShantaviaNia.com, when available. I can also be commissioned to create inspirational art.

5. Who is your favorite artist? (of any kind)

I’m a fan of various visual art forms including graffiti; too many people to name! Off the top of my head, I will have to say Daniel Mastrion, Klops, Noxer, Ferrari Shepard, Daniel San(photography), Queen Andrea, Miss 17, Claw Money, Markus Prime, 717 Stitches(crochet), Demaries Isom, and myself.


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