Sherri Sheppard Explains Why Shows Like WETV’s #MatchMadeinHeaven are Important


Last night, I had the pleasure of schmoozing and hanging out with the big wigs over at WETV, along with the new cast of “Match Made in Heaven.” It was pretty cool. And I have to say, thanks to Sherri Sheppard, I have a new perspective on what this show has to offer.

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At first, I have to admit I thought of “Match Made in Heaven” as just another reality show. But after hearing Sherri, one of the executive producers of the show speak last night, I’ve changed my mind about a few things.

Sheppard explained to the crowd that during her time on ABC’s hit show “The View,” she and her former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck would often talk about the popular reality show “The Bachelor.” Hasselbeck, who typically gushed over the show, would receive criticism from Sherri about the lack of diversity on the show. Sheppard often wondered aloud where all the Black bachelors were.

Sherri went on to say that she’d gotten a lot of push back from people who had decided that viewers weren’t interested in seeing a Black man find love. (I mean, had these people never heard of “Flavor of Love???”)

But as much as I LIVE for “New York” aka Tiffany Pollard, and all of the seasons of “Flavor of Love,” “Match Made in Heaven” is a bit different. Sherri, whom the ladies on the show refer to as their “Sherri Godmother,” wanted to show professional, business owner, college educated, Black men who were looking for love.


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At the end of her speech, Sherri declared that “Black love matters,” which I thought was cute and definitely appropriate. Our stories matter, we are capable of loving one another, and we are capable of finding happiness. Just like all of these very happy white people from all 19 seasons of “The Bachelor.”





The list goes on…

So ladies, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to one of the most eligible bachelors you’ve ever laid eyes on. Say “hello” to the newest BLACK bachelor- Mr. Stevie Baggs, Jr. Stevie is a former NFL player turned businessman who resides here in Atlanta, GA, and he is SERIOUSLY looking for love.

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Liking what you see? Well I can think of about 18 other ladies who feel the EXACT same way. But here’s the good news-You can tune into WE TV tonight at 10 PM to watch the very first episode of  “Match Made in Heaven” (Season 2).

If you’re lucky, you have DVR, so you can pause, fast forward, and rewind as many times as you’d like, just to get a better view 🙂

For your exclusive first look, click here.

Will YOU be watching?


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