Erykah Badu Tried to Convince Us Girls Should Wear Longer Skirts to Prevent Harassment and the Internet Said “Nah”


It hurts me to have to write this. For a second there, I thought about just shutting off my computer, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write an article calling Erykah Badu out on her sh*t. Some of you may remember just last week, I wrote a piece praising Badu for dropping gems back in the day. But, oh, what a difference a tweet makes.

Yesterday, I came across a news story discussing a New Zealand school that demanded  female students wear knee-length skirts to keep them from “distracting” male students and staff.

Naturally, I scoffed.

For as long as I can remember, there have been stipulations placed on girls and women, outlining what kind of clothing they should wear to remain “respectable” and to keep themselves out of “trouble.” Oddly enough, I haven’t seen similar regulations being put into place for male students or staff, for that matter.

Like, are there rules about what kind of pants boys and men should wear to avoid showing their “prints?” What about their muscular arms and shoulders? Nah, probably not.

The major problem I think most of us have with this article is the implication that female students should dress “appropriately” in order to not be a distraction to male STAFF. Can we say…creeepy?


Another problem many of us have with this logic is that we’ve seen it time and time again. The bottom line is, this kind of thinking does nothing to combat the real problem, which is the predatory behavior and harassment that we see so often from men and boys in our society.

I’d like to cut to an interview with Amber Rose, when she sat down with Rev Run and Tyrese for their show, “It’s Not You, It’s Men.Check it out.

I feel like Amber’s message was simple enough-yet the Rev and good ol’ Ty Gibson didn’t seem to process the information. Unfortunately, that can be said about a lot of men AND women. Take Erykah Badu for example-

With this, and a series of other tweets, Badu responds to the news article, agreeing that young girls should dress a certain way to avoid “distractions,” adding that it’s “natural” for men to be attracted to girls of “childbearing age.”

Now before I go any further, I do believe that teenage boys AND girls should dress “appropriately” while in school, and probably outside of school, too. Frankly, I don’t want my 13 year old wearing a mini skirt-now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

What we CANNOT afford to do, is to teach our boys and our men that it is the responsibility of the female to cover herself up so that he is not “turned on.” We continue to send the wrong messages to both children and adults, and THAT is incredibly dangerous. The onus always rests on the woman-when raped, molested, harassed, etc. For some reason, we just HAVE to know what the woman was wearing, why was she out so late at night, etc. But never do we encourage, never do we demand that young boys and men control themselves, behave like decent human beings, and treat girls and women like people and not objects. You see, the girls aren’t the problem, it’s the boys and men who can’t seem to control themselves. Why do we continue to absolve men and boys of simple responsibility?

Not to mention, some of the most rigid countries have the highest incidences of rape in the world. So, after looking at countless statistics, we have to ask ourselves ‘are clothes, really the problem?’

Like many others, I was horrified when I cam across Badu’s tweets. This wasn’t the brand of Baduizm EYE signed up for! Needless to say, Erykah tweeted, and within no time, Twitter responded with a resounding, “NAH.”

Well, some of the Internet said “Nah.” The ashies continued to revel in their ashiness all up and down our timelines trying to figure out what Erykah said that was problematic. And in their usual fashion, they blamed the girls and called them “hoes.” (click link)

Either way, I’ll admit-I shed a thug tear. My feelings were hurt. Never thought Erykah would go out like that. But then again, she IS a Hotep.

The REAL question is, who can make Erykah put HER phone down?


What are your thoughts on Erykah’s comments? Do you agree or disagree?



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