Chris Brown, BMS, and How to Avoid A Man Who Has It


Six years ago, Chris Brown and then girlfriend Rihanna made headlines after a picture of a bruised and battered Rih Rih hit the internet. The on again, off again couple had reportedly been engaged in a heated exchange that turned violent, leaving Rihanna in very bad shape. Naturally, in the age of social media, the picture went viral, and while most of us have moved on, the truth is, none of us have forgotten.


Several years later, Chris found himself infatuated with a 27-year-old  model by the name of Karreuche Tran. She and Chris’ relationship turned out to be just as tumultuous as his last, the final straw being the birth of Brown’s baby girl Royalty. Long story short -Karreuche split.

Now, following their very public breakup, Chris spends his free time writing songs about her and harassing her via social media. This is expected, considering Brown seems to have a sick and twisted relationship with all of the women that he’s ever loved.

Here’s a pic he posted to Instagram without her permission, by the way.


Here, he credits himself with boosting Karreuche’s career, and expects her to stay around because of that, despite his abusive behavior. This, ladies and gentlemen, is F*ckboy 101. The “I MADE you,” angle.


Here, he casually calls her a THOT as he stalks her IG pics.


The list goes on.

Though Chris’ behavior has become increasingly erratic and abusive over the last few years, personally, I just chalked it up to him being a troubled artist with too much time on his hands, too much money and too good of a wifi connection (I can’t believe his PR team still lets him have access to his social media). But a few weeks ago, Chris set his sights on someone new. After making some disturbing comments about Grammy-nominated singer Kehlani following her suicide attempt, I was reminded of just how toxic Mr. Brown can be.

In a series of tweets, Mr. Twitter Fingers had this to say, “There is no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing shit for sympathy so them comments under your pics don’t look bad.” He also remarked that Kehlani and her alleged paramour, rapper PartyNextDoor, “look like they have stank sex,” and expanded his reprehensible observations to all women, saying, “Girls be mad at a n*gga for f*cking around wit b*tches but her DMs got more names then the Declaration of Independence.”

Following that incident, bad blood started brewing between Brown and 23-year-old singer Tinashe, when the up-and-coming R&B songstress unfollowed Brown on social media due to his insensitive comments. Of course, Brown, being the narcissist that he is, didn’t take too kindly to that, calling Tinashe a “hobbit face ass” and “WHOISSHAE,” implying that her career was headed nowhere fast. *It’s worth noting that Chris and Tinashe actually collaborated on her latest single “Player.”

Eye Roll.

I’ll be frank- I think Chris Brown needs to seek professional help immediately. But aside from having some mental health issues, I’m almost positive that the singer is also suffering from a severe case of BMS.

Let me explain.

BMS, also known as Bitter Male Syndrome is threatening the foundation of man/woman interactions all over the world. I first coined the term last year, when I realized that a lot of men, especially on social media, seemed to have very large, value size chips on their shoulders. I thought it was worth noting, because so often, we talk about women who have bad attitudes, but we never really address the BMS epidemic that is sweeping the nation.

So ladies, I’m here to help. Here’s 6 ways to spot a man who is secretly a member of the BMS committee-

1.He uses the term “ho” and “bitch”…A LOT. Sure, we’re all adults. We’ve heard those words before. But there’s something very unsettling and extremely telling about a man who uses those words to refer to almost every woman that breathes air. Not a good sign.

2.He doesn’t believe in spending money on a woman, unless he’s getting something in return. This brother thinks that his money should buy him some sex. If it doesn’t, he gets really upset. Perhaps he’s had some bad experiences in the past where he bought a woman weave, bags and red bottoms, and got kicked to the curb. We’ll never know. But it’s clear that after this guy takes you to the Cheesecake Factory, he’s expecting a different kind of cake when y’all head home. He’s basically the guy that says things like “money over b*tches” except for when the money is buying said “b*tch.”

3.He gossips. More than you. Listen, we all love some good Tea here and there. I’ve been told it soothes the soul. But there is no way that your man should gossip more than you. Always trying to find the dirt on a woman for his boys, and always telling you about the rumors he heard about such and such that lives up the block. Who hurt you?

4.When you argue, he hits below the belt. I think we can all agree that there are some things that just shouldn’t be said in an argument. This guy doesn’t care. He’s saying it. Whatever comes to mind. And usually it’s something over the top and highly inappropriate. Girl, run.

5.He doesn’t ever want you to go out with your friends. Because in his mind, all women are trouble. Especially in groups. The more women you’re around, the more trouble to be had that night. He doesn’t trust women, and he doesn’t trust you. He’s controlling.

6.He believes feminism is destroying our communities. This means he has no idea what feminism is, and that in itself is grounds for dismissal. What feminists believe is simple-that men and women should have equal social, political, and economic rights and opportunities. If your guy thinks that’s too much to ask, then really, he doesn’t respect you or any other woman for that matter. Sure, it’s not reasonable to think that every man you date is going to be your escort to the Feminism 101 Parade, but he should definitely respect the basic idea that women deserve equality.

So ladies, I know dating is hard, especially in the age of social media. But these are definitely some things to look out for when dating a guy. Check his social media, pay attention to what he says and does. Trust me, within a week, you’ll know for sure if you’re dating a faithful member of the BMS Committee. And if you are, kindly pack your bags, (leave it if he bought it for you) and GO.


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