Yes, I Hate Everything About the Lil Wayne Galaxy Commercial and Here’s Why


Last night, I was just minding my business, forcibly watching the Villanova vs. UNC game with boyfriend, and I looked up to see Lil Wayne pouring champagne on his cellular device.

You can probably imagine my shock, since a large chunk of my day is spent making sure I don’t drop my phone (because these damn things are so slippery), and more importantly, that I keep the damn thing away from water, juice, and pretty much any liquid of ANY kind.

So just imagine my confusion when I looked up from my fish taco and tequila to find Lil Wayne, pouring CHAMPAGNE on his Samsung Galaxy. *Sigh*

Here’s the thing, I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news here, but Black people aren’t exactly viewed as the smartest, most responsible people in society. As false as the “stupid, careless Black person” trope may be, it is something that is perpetuated all the time, every day, thanks to the media.

Call me sensitive, but something is deeply disturbing about the depiction of a Black man walking around pouring champagne-of all things-on a perfectly good cell phone that he purchased with his hard earned money, I’m assuming.

For me, it represents the waste and fiscal irresponsibility that plagues the Black community at this very moment. As the #1 consumers in the nation, with little to nothing to show for it, what is a commercial like this REALLY trying to say?

I think the message is pretty clear.

Aside from that, they all look like damn fools. I just wish we weren’t so easily convinced to do dumb sh*t like this. All money ain’t good money.

Basically, this is exactly how I felt about that Black lady hollering in all of the Popeye’s commercials, and all the Black people dancing and singing in McDonald’s commercials. I hate it.



23 thoughts on “Yes, I Hate Everything About the Lil Wayne Galaxy Commercial and Here’s Why

  1. I hate that commercial, as well, because of the waste issue. It’s moronic. I do not necessarily view it as something that is a bad image on black people as much as I see it as a bad image on the cellular company and lil Wayne and the waste of perfectly good champagne!!!

  2. I absolutely agree with with your story, after I watched the commercial I couldn’t help but be disgusted with what they were portraying in this ad. Btw, even if it were Taylor Swift in the ad instead of Lil Wayne, I would’ve had the same reaction, that being that celebs LOVE showing what they have and will rub it in the faces of those who gave them what they have. They show how shallow and vain they are with their money, when the rest of the normal folks(who made these celebs who they are & filled their wallets& bank accounts) struggle to feed their families and ppl like Lil Wayne show what he’s doing with the money his fans gave him. It’s sad and it’s a slap in the face to ppl who who’ve made him a celeb.

  3. As I white man, I must say that this commercial reflects poorly on blacks. It depicts these jokers as senseless, careless individuals, who have no respect for money, possessions, or what others think. They dress like slobs, they speak like they have no education, and they dump champagne all over the place like they don’t give a hoot about anything. They show this commercial during NBA games, when the demographics show a very high black viewership. Perhaps black men can relate to this foolishness. Trust me, whites do not. Clean up your act, black America, and stop worshipping rich, famous rappers who breed only contempt for your race among whites.

  4. I agree with Anna. Waste is terrible, no matter the race or socioeconomic class of the person causing it. It should not be celebrated or considered “cool,” especially in a world where scarcity plagues so many people. Shame on Samsung!

  5. It reflects on all Americans in a disgusting light. Many countries already consider us wasteful and arrogant

  6. This is the most dumbest commercial ever….why couldn’t they just have him accidentally dropping his phone in Rambo places with water. I am honestly embarrassed watching the commercial…he looks stupid.

  7. Well I am an African American woman and I must say, this is the most dumbest commercial ever….why couldn’t they just have him accidentally dropping his phone in *random places with water. I am honestly embarrassed watching the commercial…he looks stupid. I didn’t actually go as far as you went in my thought process but you pretty much summed it up, and I totally agree!

  8. Well I do think of this as a racial issue because I look at Lil Wayne and Flavor Flav as the modern-day stepin fetchit

  9. Ok so the phone is waterproof, champaign proof or what ever. Thats great n all but the commercial is whack, and it really just shows that lil wayne is willing to sell his soul for a tootsie roll , if you ask me the man-boy just made himself like a fool, I truly feel cheated out of the 45 sec of my life that I will never getback.

  10. Dumb commercial. Shows that you are stupid, but rich. Have mothing better to do with their money, but waste it foolishly.

  11. I literally typed into Google.. “I hate the the Lil Wayne commercial.” just to see if anyone else shared the same feelings I did and your site popped up first. Thank you for writing this article as I share the same exact feelings you do. Such a stupid and foolish commercial that reflects poorly on black people.

  12. I also googled this very same subject to see if anyone else felt this way. My search was only “lil wayne commercial” and it was 3 pages (on mobile) before any criticism appeared. Sad.

    Full disclosure: I am a 59 year old white male. I consider myself politically progressive and have spent a good portion of my life trying to fight racism and racial stereotypes. So I was quite disturbed by this ad. I brought up my concerns to a black female co-worker and was informed that I just didn’t “get it”, that it was a “culture thing, a hip-hop thing.” Yeah, well, Duck Dynasty is a “culture thing” too, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept it. And exactly what kind of culture celebrates waste, stupidity and ignorance? Not one to be proud of, I assure you. And the worst part is that it gives racists more fuel for their hateful fire.

    We live in a world where most young people have never heard of Neil DeGrasse Tyson but everyone knows who this jackass lil wayne is. It truly makes me question if I’ve been wasting my time all these years arguing against racism. I mean, if they don’t care, why should I? And the fact that I feel that way hurts more than anything else.

  13. Starving children, broken homes, I can go on for days and this fool is pouring the number one cause of disfunction in the black community on his damn phone. God help us.

  14. I’m glad I’m not alone. I was wondering for a moment if I, being African American, was the only one. I do not listen to his music, not for this reason, not a rap fan much, but I was really like, “really, is this what white people think of us and really this guy don’t see how this looks?” It’s another reason why I try to steer from stereotypes for all because this is clearly one off them. BTW, I have a android phone, never plan to buy from this company, EVER.

  15. Ms. Karma Jonez…You are a wise woman!! Whether you are white, black, Asian, or Latino, why on Earth would you want to portray yourself as foolish, immature and uneducated when we have enough of that in the reality of this world? I am a white female, and frankly, don’t get the appeal of this ad! I would like to see advertisers, Hollywood, and the music industry stop catering to the lowest common denominator in our societal values and lift our kids and young adults up in a more educated way. You can still be funny and be smart! No need to reflect stupidity and wastefulness! Thanks very much for your blog post! Keep writing, dearie!! 🙂

  16. Yes, that Galaxy “WATER PHONE” commercial is just plain STUPID !!! It is in NO WAY FUNNY, it is just plain STUPID !!! I would NOT buy that STUPID PHONE just because of that IDIOTIC commercial !!! What has happened to the American Society ??? There is one STUPID commercial after another & one STUPID TV show after another being shown !!

  17. What bothers me more is when I see black people converting to my religion of Islam. It’s clear in the Hadith and Tarikh that Blacks are those of Zanj(evil Devils)

    Blacks have been cursed by the Allah from the progeny of Ham(la). Nuh(as) supplications to make Ham(la) lineage Masukh(deformed) and turned them black skinned.

    Blacks are subhuman and made for slavery.

  18. You mean the same religion by you and YOUR people who are terrorists? Yeah, OK idiot.

  19. I don’t care, Islam will dominate. In the proof of that is the fear that you have in your heart.
    But this is a different discussion, my question is why are blacks converting to my religion? Which you once again proving by your low IQ Rant about something completely irrelevant

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