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Some people just have “it.” You can’t buy “it.” You can’t rent “it.” It’s a natural, God-given, innate thing that some people have and the rest of us just don’t. And that’s OK. Everything isn’t for everybody. But this brother right here, he’s one of the lucky ones. Meet Terrell P.

1.Tell me your background. Where are you from, how old are you, where do you live now?

I’m originally from NC.  A country boy born and bred.  I grew up just north of Wilmington, NC and I finished high school in Durham at The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.  I came up to DC to attend Howard University for undergrad where I received my BA in Economics, having minored in Business Administration.  I’m 28 and am currently in the DMV, however, I spend a lot of time in the Tri-State area, frequenting Philly and NY.


2.Tell me about your Howard experience. How did HU shape your outlook on life?

If you went to Howard and had a “true” Howard experience – then you’ll understand why I say it’s life altering.  Beyond having some of the most caring staff, faculty, and professors you’ll come across at any collegiate institution in the world guiding your formal education, many of the lessons that truly shape you take place on the yard and through life experiences with your peers.  It was at Howard that I learned how to hustle.  To envision a goal and to learn how to get in a room with and interact with the people that are in positions to best make it happen with and for me.  These networking skills are invaluable and they have served me quite well.  The ability to access and read a room quickly is greatly beneficial to any young professional looking to make a name for themselves.  In addition to this, Howard taught me on a very intimate level how deeply diverse and rich our history in this country and on this Earth is.  Being the descendant of slaves, much history is all too often lost.  As a black man, Howard instilled a sense of pride that cannot be tarnished.  It’s okay to be diverse and to transcend societal expectations.  Be the author of your own narrative.

3.When did you decide you wanted to get into modeling? What were you doing before this?

I was signed with a talent agency for about 8 years as a child.  I acted and modeled (doing primarily commercial print work).  I experienced a moderate level of success having trained with one of the acting coaches for the Cosby kids, however, I moved to have a more traditional childhood.  Ultimately, I attended a residential HS and eventually found myself back in front of a camera within the next 5 years while in attendance at HU.  Immediately after graduation I was approached by a recruiter for LA Models, NY Models, and Wilhelmina however I decided to pursue other opportunities – a decision I would come to wonder about in the years to come.  After being in the workforce for 5 years I had some time between jobs and became curious as to if I still “had it”.  So I submitted a few photos to the nearest Wilhelmina office and was invited in for an open call.  Things went well to say the least..

4.How did NYFW happen? How did you feel when you learned you were booked for such a HUGE event?

I was invited/requested for what’s referred to as a “Go-See” (to go meet with a client in person for an opportunity to get booked)/fitting for Art Heart’s which is a series of shows during NYFW.  Art Heart’s has traditionally been a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week up until last year.  When I got the email from my agent I hopped right on it.  I didn’t know what to expect to be honest.  I just knew it was an opportunity that needed exploring.  I went and things went very well!  I was selected for multiple shows by multiple designers and a potentially career altering experience!  I made countless friends and memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Being cast opened doors to a number of new opportunities in new markets and the chance to work with some pretty dope people/groups both domestic and abroad.  I’m excited about the future 🙂

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5.What’s been your experience in the fashion industry so far? Any obstacles?

Due to my childhood experiences going to auditions and classes and meeting with casting directors and agents I was much better prepared for what lied ahead than someone with no experience.  I also work in sales, so a no or rejection doesn’t exactly effect me the same as it may many other people.  I understand that “No’s” or “This isn’t the right time for your look” is going to happen from time to time and to remain vigilant and consistent and that if it is in God’s Will more than what I can ever imagine is coming my way.  Everything you do is in preparation for what is to come.  Be excited about the future.

6.Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Still modeling, or do you have other interests?

To be perfectly honest, I cannot speculate as to where I’ll be in 5 years.  Things are moving much quicker than I anticipated.  You cannot predict God’s timeline.  All you can do is get ready, stay ready, and move when opportunity knocks.  Live life with no regrets.  I know wherever I am I will be happy and thankful for the experiences I’ve had thus far.  I aim to be fully self sufficient as an entrepreneur with multiple consistent revenue streams – regardless of how I spend my day time hours.  In a perfect world I’ll be able to positively impact the lives of others and provide some semblance of hope, encouragement, and even faith in God and self that anything that is good and natural to you is a gift and is not to be squandered. I enjoy traveling, new experiences, other cultures, and real estate/equity.  I have plans, but I tend to take things one step at a time nowadays.

Well keep on steppin’ baby. You do it very well.

To keep up with Terrell, follow him on IG @theterrellp and SnapChat :phoenixrell



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